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Basically reducing bounce rate requires of in-depth analysis of the website in consideration with the products or services.

Therefore there is no secret recipe to reduce bounce rate, but we can follow certain protocol to make it right to some extent. Let’s see them below.

  1. Content’s Readability is a crucial factor which directly affects the bounce rate. If the user is not able the read the content he/she will definitely close your site and move on. Therefore universal readable fonts with proper size should be maintained.
  2. Popups are annoying as the user is not looking for that, focus on the content and try to convey your popup message is the content.
  3. Call-to-Action should be fascinating enough that audience should be happy to drop their credentials for further dialogs.
  4. Fresh Content should be feed to your blog on regular bases to engage and attract more audience.
  5. Trending keywords which attract right and quality audience will have a positive impact in reducing bounce rate.
  6. Make the website UI curious so that the audience spends more time in your website.
  7. Keep the Searchbots happy with cool Meta description. Keep it within limits and match it with the front end content of that page.
  8. If you are using high volume keywords for your website try to work on many landing pages with quality content.

Write us back if you have any better ideas.



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