Reasons to learn Digital Marketing

Internet connects every people to meet together on social media. Customer feedback is very important and it increases the product trust and product supports. Digital marketing is the easiest way to engage your customers online. Good feedback will attract more liable customers online and increases their sales. Digital Marketing is not only about marketing methods it contains various things including the future focus of marketing and growth of a business.

Every business owners/entrepreneurs must learn Digital Marketing due to the following reasons

  • Digital world needs digital marketing strategy
  • To predict the future things and future technology
  • Attract more customers and more target customers
  • Convert your visitors into customers
  • Increase your Branding promotion and social awareness to generate more leads and more revenue
  • ROI is guaranteed in digital marketing
  • Attract 98% of mobile customers
  • Spy on your competitor and understand their business tricks
  • Increase product/service reputation through Customer feedback

Every students must learn digital marketing to get good career

  • Currently INDIA has 1,70,000 job vacancies in digital marketing.
  • Learning digital marketing can make you an expert in SEO (search engine optimization), SMO (social media optimization), PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and many other marketing techniques.
  • Vast SEO jobs are available but the irony is SEO professionals are very limited to fill up the spaces. That is, the Demand chain of digital marketers is high but the supply chain of digital marketers is very less
  • Be your own boss and grab thousands of freelancing projects.

Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Learn about customer thoughts via customer search keywords on search engine. search engine marketing helps to reach the target customer with focus keyword.

Search engine marketing is method of displaying adds on search results page. users will click your ads to buy products/services. Search Engine marketing runs 24/7 without any interrupt. In Traditional marketing business is available only at regular basics ie. from 9 to 5 .

In Digital marketing course, Esearch advisors make you an expert in all those concepts and we provide internship programs to learn real time tactics.

Attract your customers in facebook, twitter, linked in, Pinterest through social media marketing.

Google Adwords and Keyword Planner

Understand the volume of search keywords on google and attract the customers with content.

DO YOU KNOW? 89% of Google income is from GOOGLE Adwords only.

Google adwords is the best tool and available for free to use. grab the most important keyword with keyword analysis with low competition and high volume of searches.

Create Paid Campaigns in Google adwords and promote bidding to increase large number of search visibility.

Create display advertisements with ad-units and promote display ads. Display adds are much cheaper than search ads.  the CPC (Cost per Click ) is varied.

Build Email List and Increase Conversations

Email list building is one of important concept in Digital Marketing. According to business analysis report, there is 98% of visitors are converted into customers via email promotions.

In Digital marketing course, we teach various email list building tricks, below i mentioned one cool trick to increase email subscriptions.

Place popup forms to get users name and email address. Create e-books and make them as downloadable after the signup form.

Its Impossible to send email to thousands of people and it requires more human power to send. But there is lot of email campaigns are freely available to send thousands of email within a click.

Good Email news letter and email promotions will increase your product growth by 200%.

Various Roles in Digital Marketing

If you are expert in Digital Marketing means you will know all those tactics in SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, Web design, Web Development, PPC analyst/expert, Content writer, Email Marketer and Analytics Expert.

The salary details are listed below



Be Your Own Boss and Don’t Depend on Others

Digital marketer knows everything from scratch. If You are well expert in digital marketing methods you can grab thousands of freelancer projects and freelancer jobs.

Most of Digital marketers and web developers earns huge amount of money as a freelancer. So its good idea to earn more money from part time freelancer projects. turn your skills into money with digital marketing methods.

Usual Management course like MBA will not teach about future marketing. MBA courses are only about traditional marketing methods. But in digital marketing you learn everything as digital with real time interactions. The world will fully adopted with Digital by 2020 so, its really good and best time to learn digital marketing.

Esearch Offers Diploma in Digital Marketing courses. we have expert trainers handling the course on par with international standards. Register with us to upgrade your knowledge digitally and become an expert in Digital technology.

I grew up in a physical world, and I speak English. The next generation is growing up in a digital world, and they speak social  – Angela Ahrendts

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