Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the stepping stone for online organic search engine visibility. Good search engine draws high traffic to your website which in turn affects the growth on any organization.

“Search engine marketing set to apart from you competition”

We at E- Search advisors are skilled in alter your website to Search-Engine-Friendly. We take search engine optimization from a different perspective, our primary goal is to understand the clients requirement, based on that we do an in depth analysis on the clients website and the competitors followed by which we formulate strategy SEO plans to deliver the best desired outcome.

Our experts are constantly monitoring the changes in the digital arena and do the needful changes which are appropriate for that condition.

SEO Services and Packages we offer:
Site Analysis – Analyze your site from market viewpoint
Keyword Analysis – Research the best suitable keyword for you website
On-Page Optimization – In synchronization with algorithm limits.
Competitor Analysis – Research your competitors strategy and approach
Site test – Site testing in various aspects such as error, inbound outbound links etc.
Content Modification/Writing – Based on the site content analysis we would suggest you changes or rewrite the site content.
Search Engine Submission – Submission of your site to various search engines.
Mod Rewrite / Search Engine Friendly URLs – SEO friendly URL is a necessity to rank better therefore if required we change or rewrite the changes URLs.
Adding Code – We add all the necessary tracking codes to site like Google analytics, Alexa tracking, Adword conversation code.
Link Building – Diverting inbound links to your site to generate maximum search result

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Search Engine marketing otherwise called as PPC (Pay per Click), what does it mean? This is an advertisement platform which shows your ad’s in the form of text, image & video on search engines & their other sources/products. So as it is said pay per click, you will pay only when a visitor clicks your ad. Once the ad is clicked by the visitor you will get your lead / subscription / traffic accordingly by the call to action you assigned where the visitor lands. Every website owner his/her who’s major source of acquisition is from website should definitely run a PPC campaign which is also called as Adwords and the name differs from one search engine to another.

Benefits of having a PPC Service:

  • Increase in website Traffic
  • Push your website at the top of the search engine easily.
  • Beat your competitors in a short span of time.
  • Easily find your target audience.
  • Remarketing can be done easily.
  • Choose your geographical visibility.
  • Make your ad’s show in other websites.

E-Search Advisors can maintain your PPC and create attractive ads and landing pages that will get you leads and traffic to your website. We also can consult and help you create a perfect working campaign structure.

Email & SMS Marketing

We E-Search Advisors as a saying, “if you have a lot of opportunities, just don’t choose one.”
Unlike other marketing techniques, bulk Email and SMS helps to promote your business to your audience immediately. The response through this medium is high. Most of the major companies in India are using this marketing technology to build the rapport with their customers because it creates an immediate and positive response. Emails and SMS activities are also a major strategy for leading people to your website or converts into a sales call. This bulk Email and SMS marketing is a cost effective system which gives best returns and good reach to the customers. Always keep in touch with your clients and customers to strengthen and grow your business to extreme heights.

You have to know the technical as well as the creative approach and current trend of mailing and SMS. E search advisor will help you create an effective bulk mailing and SMS Structuring that targets your right audience and will get you high open rates and conversion results. It’s time to change your usual boring and lagging Email and SMS activities to the next level.

E-commerce Development

Social Media Optimization plays key role in branding building and generating good leads to any business, it gives companies an easy platform to target the audience. The conversion in social media is more compared to organic traffic because the customer is in this media by choice.

In recent times SMO has changed the dynamics of marketing to a great heights, the key to SMO success is quality content and targeting the right audience, here at E-Search Advisor we think out of box to plan and implement campaign for best productive ROI. We analysis your product or service and based on that data we coin which social media platform suits you the best. In most of the cases we use multi platforms to deliver the best outcome.

Services we offer in SMO:-
Some of The Social Media Techniques We Use Are:

  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social Profile Listing
  • Social Event Marketing
  • Social Shopping Feeds
  • Blogging
  • Photo Sharing
  • Video Sharing
  • Game Sharing
  • Livecasting
  • Online Product Reviews
  • RSS Feed Promotion
  • Social Television
  • Audio and Music Sharing
  • Question and Answers

Some of the benefits of SMO services are:

  • Increased in site traffic
  • Broadened reach/ target market
  • Conversions improvement
  • Brand awareness
  • Cost effective advertising
  • Achieve better organic visibility
  • Supports Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Marketing and Direct Marketing

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