Digital Marketing Course Calendar - Chennai

Digital Marketing Course in Chennai

Batch 2017 & 2018TimeTrainingExam & Assessment
October 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm09th Oct to 21st Nov'1722nd Nov'17
November06.30 Pm to 09.30 Pm06th Nov to 19th Dec'1720th Dec'17
December02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm04th Dec to 18th Jan'1819th Jan'18
February02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm05th Feb to 20th Mar'1821st Mar'18

Short Term Course Calendar

CourseTimeTraining DateAssessment & Practical
SEO 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm16th Oct to 21st Oct'1723rd Oct'17
PPC02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm24th Oct to 31st Oct'1701st Nov'17
SMO 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm02nd Nov to 08th Nov'1709th Nov'17
SEO 06.30 Pm to 09.30 Pm13th Nov to 17th Nov'1720th Nov'17
PPC06.30 Pm to 09.30 Pm21st Nov to 28th Nov'1729th Nov'17
SMO 06.30 Pm to 09.30 Pm30th Nov to 06th Dec'1707th Dec'17
SEO 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm11th Dec to 15th Dec'1718th Dec'17
PPC 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm19th Dec to 27th Dec'1728th Dec'17
SMO 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm30th Dec to 04th Jan'1805th Jan'18
SEO 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm12th Feb to 16thFeb'1819th Feb'18
PPC 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm20th Feb to 27thFeb'1828th Feb'18
SMO 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm01st Mar to 07th Mar'1808th Mar'18

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