Digital Marketing Course in Chennai

During initial days, any form of Digital Media was not easy or accessible for most of the business owners. In India few places did not have an affordable access to Digital Platform due to technology. Even though our world today is more digital friendly, it hasn’t always been that way. It was so evident we had an insignificant start. It was a gradual process which saw a commendable progress in 2012. Evolving trends in Digital Media made companies to up hold their online presence. Companies started to prove their online presence as a user friendly platform. Importance of Digital Marketing is making way for innumerable job opportunities in Chennai. From 1.8 Lakh job vacancies in 2018, Digital Marketing industry is expecting 4 Lakh job openings in 2020. Hence there is a huge demand for Digital Marketing Course in Chennai for your career. 

For best careers in digital marketing you need not be a one profile till your retirement. Your hobby can turn into business, social media activity can also give you a better job at your doorstep. Learning and Excelling in digital marketing will be very easy and understandable. this is like a one course which is suitable for all.

ESearch Advisors’ Role in Digital Marketing

  • ESearch Advisors is a family of Digital Marketers that represents the well-known and reputed Digital Marketing Course provider in Chennai.
  • Our vision is to inculcate you for a progressive career as well as to specialize in business.
  • Our motto here is to create such skilled digital marketers who’ll land up with innumerable job opportunities from their misguided career paths.
  • We do assist entrepreneurs and marketing professionals on all counts who seek our help to stay in-trend with the modernized ways of marketing.
  • Our prime focus is to deliver quality assistance to small and large businesses to accomplish incredible milestone in the level playing field.
  • We believe in working towards making Digital Marketing a viable and trustworthy career option for individuals in Chennai.

Diploma in Digital Marketing Course

Obtaining a Diploma in Digital Marketing Course at ESearch Advisors in Chennai yields fruitful benefits by helping you master techniques and strategies of digital promotional method. A Diploma in Digital Marketing course is befitting for a wide range of people such as fresher, job seekers, freelancers, home makers, marketing professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs and people with basic computer knowledge. For example a fresher gets to learn all new marketing strategies and techniques. Zero experience is not a drawback for a newbie. Skillfulness, creativity and analytical ability are required to enter this field. When it comes to marketing professionals getting a Diploma in Digital Marketing will upgrade their skills in-order to multiply a company’s brand awareness over 10 times, generate more leads, surge revenue and sales, and get instant and measurable results. So, Marketing professionals are looking for just that extra cutting edge to enhance their business. Learning Diploma in Digital Marketing enables you to land in well-paid jobs in Chennai with perfect work life balance and build your progressive career.

Diploma in Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

  • Define Marketing (Traditional)
  • Types of Marketing
  • Evolution of Marketing
  • Aim of Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Traditional Vs. Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing for Employment
  • Digital Marketing for Business
  • Purpose of Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Features of Digital Marketing Strategy
  • How to Identify your Target Audience?
  • How to do Competitor Analysis for your Business?
  • What is Internet?
  • How Website Works?
  • Explanation of a Website and its Components?
  • Significance & Benefits of having a Website
  • Elucidate the Types of Website.
  • Interpret & Introduction to Front-End of a Website
  • Interpret & Introduction to Back-End of a Website
  • How to Plan for a Website?
  • Explain the Difference between Domain & Hosting?
  • List the Types of Website Creation in Different Platforms?
    • Introduction & How to Install, Edit and Complete a Website through WordPress
    • Introduction & How to Create, Edit and Complete a Blogging  through Blogger
    • List of steps to do in both Designing and Building of a Site.
    • How to do Before and After Launching of the Website through Testing and Debugging
  • Introduction to basic HTML Structure and their use
  • Introduction to basic SEO Tags and their use
  • Introduction to Search Engine & its types?
  • How Search Engine Works?    
  • Introduction to SEO
  • Differentiate between Organic & Paid Search.   
  • What is Search Engine Algorithm?
  • What are Keywords and its types?
  • How to find the Right Keywords for the Website?
  • How SEO is Planned Based on the Website Type?
  • How SEO Benefits for Business?
  • Define and Explain Search Engine Ranking Factor
  • Define Search Engine Optimization Techniques
  • On Page Optimization
    • Define & Explain On Page SEO
    • List of Factors which Determine the On Page Optimization
    • How to do a Keyword Research and Mapping for a Site
    • How does Content Optimization Benefit On Page SEO.
  • List the Process of On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization
    • Define & Explain Off Page Optimization
    • How to Rank Keyword through Off Page Optimization
    • How to Create Backlinks?
    • How does a Link Building Technique Work?
    • How does Dofollow and Nofollow Link Factor Work.
  • Define & Explain the Process of Off Page Optimization
  • Elucidate the Importance of Competitor’s Growth Hacking. 
  • List the types & Significance of Reporting for Off Page Submission
  • Introducing Google Tracking Tools
  • the Google Analytics Layout
  • Google Analytics Reports
  • What is Search Console?
  • Why use Search Console?
  • Google Tag Manager Overview
  • Setup and Installation
  • Introduction to Pay-Per-Click
  • How Paid Search Differs from Organic Search?
  • Google Ads Vs. Bing Ads
  • Components of Google & Bing Ads:
    • Keyword Research
    • Account and Billing
    • Campaign & its Features
    • Ad Groups
    • Budget & Bidding
    • Ad Copies
    • Ad Extensions
    • Landing Pages
  • Important Metrics in Google Ads
    • Impressions
    • Clicks
    • CTR
    • Avg. CPC
    • Cost
    • Avg. Position
    • Qual. Score
    • Conversions
  • Important Metrics in Bing Ads
    • Clicks
    • Impressions
    • CTR
    • Spend
  • Define A/B Testing
  • How to Monitor a Campaigns Performance?
  • Key steps to Manage the Campaigns
    • Ad Groups Splitting
    • Keywords
    • Negative Keywords
    • Budget and Bidding Adjustments
    • Keywords/Ads/Landing Page Reviewing
  • Measuring Results & Reports
  • Case Studies
  • Facebook – Facts and History 
  • Facebook Optimization 
  • Organic: Facebook Marketing
  • Paid: Facebook Marketing                  
  • Twitter – Facts and History 
  • Twitter Optimization                                             
  • Organic: Twitter Marketing
  • Paid: Twitter Marketing       
  • Instagram – Facts and History
  • Instagram Optimization                                 
  • Organic: Instagram Marketing
  • Paid: Instagram Marketing  
  • LinkedIn Optimization
  • Organic: LinkedIn Marketing
  • Paid: LinkedIn Marketing     
  • Google Plus – Facts and History
  • Google Plus Optimization
  • Organic: Google Plus Marketing
  • YouTube Facts and History     
  • YouTube Optimization          
  • Paid: YouTube Marketing
  • Snapchat – Facts and History
  • Snapchat Optimization
  • Organic: Snapchat Marketing
  • Paid: Snapchat Marketing
  • Types of Snapchat Ads
  • Snapchat Ad Reporting and Analytics 
  • Marketing tool introduction
  • Working Methodology
  • Report Extraction
  • Analysis of Report
  • Introduction & Scope of Content Marketing
  • Storytelling – an Introduction
    • Art of Storytelling
  • How to Generate Content Ideas
  • Planning a Long-Term Content Strategy
  • Building a Content Creation Framework
  • Becoming an Effective Writer
  • Extending the Value of Content through Repurposing
  • How to Effectively Promote Content
  • Analyzing and Measuring your Content
  • Developing a Growth Marketing Mentality
  • Mini Project – Blog Post
  • Mini Project – Content Strategy Plan
  • Introduction to Email?
  • Email Marketing Content Strategy
    • Email Machine – the Strategy ( Leads , Type of Mails, Subjectline, )
    • Email Frequency
    • Why People Don’t Buy
    • The Fuel – Value
    • Triggers in Email Using 4ps
  • What is Email Marketing? How does Email Marketing Work?
  • Why is It Important to use Email Marketing?
  • How Can You Effectively use Email Marketing?
  • How do I Setup Email Marketing?
  • Email Optimization and Testing
  • Measuring Success with Email Analytics
  • List of Email Marketing Software Available
  • Activity: Email Marketing Practical Assessment 
  • What is Mobile Marketing and how does It Work
  • Why You Need Mobile Marketing
  • Types of Mobile Marketing Strategy
  • Create Mobile Buyer Persona
  • Set Goals and Establish KPIs
  • Know Google Ads – Mobile Marketing 
  • Know best Mobile Marketing Practices
  • Have Mobile Friendly Website
  • The Right Mobile Marketing Tools your Business Needs
  • Monitor your Mobile Marketing Metrics
  • Introduction – Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  • Scope – Online Reputation Management
  • Tools to Listen Online for Brand Conversations
  • Analyzing and Measuring Emotion for a Brand
  • Dealing with Negative Conversations
  • Creating ORM Strategy
  • Activity – ORM Response
  • Introduction to Public Relation & traditional PR?
  • What is an Online Public Relations?
  • Introduction to Social Media in Public Relations
  • Social Media – Engagement and Relationship Management
  • Content Creation and Management
  • Research and Evaluation
  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Why Learn Affiliate Marketing?
  • Affiliate Marketing & its Benefits
  • Statistics & Facts of Affiliate Marketing
  • How to Become an Affiliate
  • Affiliate Marketing Compensation Models
  • Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Affiliates
  • Affiliate Networks
  • How does It Work – Amazon & Flipkart Demo
  • Outline the Top Affiliate Networks in National & International Arcade
  • Affiliate Marketing Tools to use
  • Success Story
  • What is a Lead?
  • Lead Generation – Process & Scope
  • Lead Qualifying Process
  • Mechanics of Lead Generation
  • Lead Generation Trends & Benchmarks
  • Tried-and-True Lead Generation Ideas
  • 4 L’s of a Lead Generation Strategy
  • Registering Google Certification Program (Free)
  • Google Ads Certification
    • Ads Fundamental
    • Search Advertising
    • Display Advertising
    • Video Advertising
    • Shopping Advertising
    • Mobile Advertising
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Hubspot Certifications
    • Inbound Certification
    • Content Marketing Certification
    • Email Marketing Certification
  • Sample Test Papers for Google Certification Examination

Diploma in Digital Marketing Certification at ESearch Advisors is one prime added benefit because this certification led 65% of professionals to a better job. What makes a Diploma in Digital Marketing at ESearch Advisors exceptional is the fact that our prime focus is to provide only digital marketing training classes to our candidates. What we practice is what we teach. Hence we make them ready for this ambitious professional career

Multiple other significant advantages of our Diploma in Digital Marketing Classroom Course

  • UK Qualified Trainer in Education and Training (CIEH)
  • Lifetime Technical Guidance
  • 100% continuous Job Placement Assistance in Digital Marketing field.
  • High-class infrastructure with modernized and trendy ambience
  • Practical approach to equip our students with first- hand experience (70% Practical and 30% Theory)
  • Customized classroom training & brainstorming sessions are more constructive than online sessions.
  • Get Free Digital Marketing Guideline Kit after the training
  • Get Guidance for value added certifications (Google, Bing, Hubspot)
  • What we Practice is what we Teach

An individual looking for prospect of growth in his/her career can take up Diploma in Digital Marketing Course at ESearch Advisors in Chennai for enough reasons.

Why Business Owners Should Take up Digital Marketing Course

The numerous advantages that Digital Marketing provides will encourage you to instantaneously switch to digital media platforms for promotions. Digital Marketing levels the online playing field for all forms of businesses whether big or small, a start-up or well established one. It is cost- efficient when compared to traditional methods of marketing which is a major benefit. Marketing products and services online converts all the incoming traffic on your website to leads, sales and subscribers which will generate better revenues. It lets you interact with your customers in real time making it a striking contrast. Delivering what you promised to your targeted audience will help in building brand reputation. The Return of Investments (ROI) is also higher with better branding and revenues.

Digitally Transformed Entrepreneurs

Successful & Certified Digital Marketer

Business owners should take up Digital Marketing Course to enhance and move towards progressive vision they hold for achieving company’s success. This course will help to equip themselves with all the strategies and techniques of Digital Marketing which is pivotal to boost their business in this new and updated era. Mentioned above are the undeniable reasons for business owners to take up Digital Marketing Course if they wish to leave a mark in this ever changing digitalized world.

“Join Today & Get Life Time Technical Assistance”

Digital Marketing Course for Career Growth

The digital marketing sector has seen a rapid growth not only in India but all over the world due to increase in number of internet users. It’s not just a trend but a constantly evolving professional field. The demand for Digital Marketers is high as small and large industries are rapidly moving away from traditional ways of marketing. There is no reverting back to old ways of doing business so there is a sense of job security. Job posting that demand for Digital Marketing skills doubled from 2011-2016 which will only rise in the upcoming years. Pay scale of marketers with Digital Marketing skills is comparably higher to other marketing roles. Major Digital Marketing jobs are SEO, SEM, PPC, Content Writing, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, etc. Digital marketing is a good career choice for anyone that wants to work on the leading edge of this technical revolution.

Companies That Hired Our Digital Marketer's
“I was doing my U.G final year at that time I had a huge interest to know what Digital Marketing is? Then I started to search where I can learn and found a very suitable place called E-Search Advisors Pvt.Ltd. I attended the free workshop and decided to join here as the introduction of this course made me curious to know more about it. The co-ordinater was very kind & approachable at any time as well as the trainer was responsible in developing the knowledge about this course & very communicative by clearing every doubts I had. I thank them both in abundant for providing immense education on Digital Marketing & for motivating me to do a lot of productive things through Online. Thanks a bunch to the entire company who were very beneficial for providing spare classes & enormous job opportunities in digital marketing fields.”
Digital Marketer

Success Stories

V. Deeptha

Studied: BCA
Sales Coordinator
Course Taken:
Digital Marketing Course
Working as a Digital Marketing Executive at Besten- Engineers Consultants India Pvt Ltd

One Step Closer To SUCCESS

P. Ranganayakulu

Studied: Master of Commerce
Own Business
Course Taken:
Digital Marketing Course
Successfully applies the learnt digital marketing strategies in his own business

“Join Today & Get Life Time Career Guidance”

Digital Marketing Course Calendar - Chennai

July - 2019

Training Date

1st July to 1st Aug'19

Exam & Assessment

2nd Aug'19

September - 2019

Training Date

3rd Sep to 5th Oct'19

Exam & Assessment

9th Oct'19

November - 2019

Training Date

4th Nov to 6th Dec'19

Exam & Assessment

7th Dec'19

Frequently asked questions

When you promote anything by means of internet (search engines, websites, social media, mobile, email, etc.) is Digital Marketing. News-Feed ads in Facebook, Search Engine ads, display ads in Blog, Video ads in YouTube are all few examples of Digital Marketing.

The Course consists of 14 modules. (It includes Digital Marketing Overview, Website development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Pay Per Click, Mobile Marketing, E-Mail Marketing, Online reputation Management, Online Public Relations, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Lead Generation, Google Certification)

Diploma in Digital Marketing is our Flagship Course; We also provide Combo Course and Short term trainings on- SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click) and SMO (Social Media Optimization).

No matter what your qualification is, Digital Marketing gives the spark to progress for a blooming career and a profitable business. The advantage is that the scope and skill of any common man can be developed with Digital Marketing.

Online (Digital) marketing is not just limited to branded companies; it is open to any company and for all people. To reach global audience, to make big revenues, to promote your brand, to expand your business, to develop your company with the unique prospects and to be successful, obviously one needs Digital Marketing Knowledge. All this requires few strategies and techniques to implement in your business. This in turn, creates demand for the Digital Marketing professionals, consequently Job opportunities in Digital Marketing increases in every stream, which eventually support and grow one’s career. Thus to emerge yourself and your company in a best way,  investing to acquire knowledge on Digital Marketing, is one of the lucrative choice to profit your career and business in all its way.

Digital marketing is a field that requires no specific degrees; anyone can become a Digital Marketer just with the apt knowledge to work online.

Gear-up!! It’s your time Students, Graduates, JobseekersEntrepreneurs, Businessperson, Marketing ProfessionalsFreelancers, Working professionals who needs a Career shift. Even Homemakers can easily make money online in their leisure time.

E-Search Advisors is a rewarding and recognized Digital Marketing training Institute in Chennai, which have trained 200+ aspirants. We at E-Search Advisors deliver the Best Education in the Classroom at Good Ambience by the Certified Trainers with the blend of 70% Practical, 30% Theoretical session. Our Hands-on Approach gives you broad understanding On Digital Marketing concepts to excel your career and profession.

Our Course provides number of career opportunities making you an in-demand professional with expertise that companies requires, builds your career strong & progressive and enables you to earn considerable income.

Through our Digital Marketing training you can implement the modern marketing approaches in your business; develop it and stay ahead of your competitors, so that even a small business can reach worldwide and profits you enormously.

As Digital Marketing is the present and future of marketing, by learning the modern marketing strategies, you can get updated to market in the modern way become a marketing specialist to flourish in this digital world. Sure! As a Freelancer, blogger or an affiliate you can emerge yourself capable enough to do a Business at home on your free time. House makers! You too can make the best use of Digital Marketing.

Sure! E-Search Advisors provide continuous placement assistance for candidates even after getting placed. Our Placement coordination fulfills your Job requirements for further progressions too.

Our Hands-on approach will give you deeper understanding of the concept to learn much better in an easier way. Also, our face-to-face training program allows you to acquire skills with the trainer rather than the possibility of just an e-learning course.

Sure! As a Freelancer, blogger or an affiliate you can emerge yourself capable enough to do a Business at home on your free time. House makers! You too can make the best use of Digital Marketing.