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Pay Per Click

PPC is an internet advertisement in which Ads are created that matches to the keyword based on the targeted audience. Search engines such as Google, yahoo, Bing etc., and social channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. runs Pay per click advertisements. One of the examples of PPC is Google Adwords; the moment the ad is introduced in the search engine the targeted traffic gets generated to the website. Google ads are often shown at the top or bottom of Google’s search results page. Along with other search engine marketing techniques, E-Search Advisors offers short term Pay per Click (PPC) Training courses at Chennai that helps in learning the techniques to run Advertisements through Google Adwords and all Social Media Platforms.

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Benefits of PPC

  1. Easy to target specific audience
  2. Pay only for clicks
  3. Control of budgeting & scheduling by measuring the keyword
  4. Can track the performance
  5. Visibility of the brands
  6. Increase in sales/Lead

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PPC Training Course

E-Search Advisors are experts in Ad Words training course. Our PPC training course serves the aspirant to learn and explore the principles of effective PPC advertising. Our trainers have hands-on experience in PPC; hence delivers the best methodologies based on the current updates. PPC training includes keyword optimization, attribution models, bidding strategies, effective usage of Google analytics to improve Ad Words campaigns and strategies in PPC advertising. Our aspirants will work through a series of practical exercises that helps and understand the PPC techniques that lead to a great practice. Upon completion of training, the aspirant will be equipped with an excellent understanding and be able to manage and develop an effective PPC advertising campaign.

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Learning Outcomes of PPC

  • Analyzing business, product & audience.
  • Keyword strategies based on the product.
  • Develop Ads based on the target audience.
  • Biding strategies & bid management tools.
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Case Study – Online Shopping Portal

A study of how Per-pay-click worked for one of the world's largest retailer company in the world. The company possesses an online shopping portal, advertisers to generate online sales for various Electronics Deals/Offers that are available. So the company decided to run multiple precisely targeted pay-per-click ad campaigns to attract the highest quality of traffic.

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  • Created ads with the combination of geo, category and keyword targeted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns with multiple text ad types on a cost-per-action (CPA) basis.
  • Created campaigns were targeted to the list of 10,000+ keywords related to various electronics deals/offers available with an individual landing page for each keyword.
  • All the campaign parameters (Keywords, Categories, PPC Bids, Traffic Sources, etc.) were constantly optimized to achieve the campaign objectives.


  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Network delivered 48,000 transactions with a 90% sales confirmation rate
Fast track Digital Marketing Course
August 2017 Time Training Exam & Assessment
SEO (Full Day) 10.00 Am to 05.30 Pm 30th Aug to 01st Sep'17 02nd Sep'17
PPC (Full Day) 10.00 Am to 05.30 Pm 04th Sep to 06th Sep'17 07th Sep'17
SMO (Full Day) 10.00 Am to 05.30 Pm 08th Sep to 12th Sep'17 13th Sep'17
Short Term Course Calendar
Course Time Training Assessment & Practical
SEO (Afternoon Batch) 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm 14th Aug to 19th Aug'17 21st Aug'17
PPC (Afternoon Batch) 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm 22nd Aug to 29th Aug'17 30thAug'17
SMO (Afternoon Batch) 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm 31st Aug to 06th Sep'17 07th Sep'17
SEO (Afternoon Batch) 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm 16th Oct to 21st Oct'17 23rd Oct'17
PPC (Afternoon Batch) 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm 24th Oct to 31st Oct'17 01st Nov'17
SMO (Afternoon Batch) 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm 02nd Nov to 08th Nov'17 09th Nov'17
SEO (Afternoon Batch) 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm 11th Dec to 15th Dec'17 18th Dec'17
PPC (Afternoon Batch) 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm 19th Dec to 27th Dec'17 28th Dec'17
SMO (Afternoon Batch) 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm 30th Dec to 04th Jan'18 05th Jan'18
SEO (Afternoon Batch) 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm 12th Feb to 16thFeb'18 19th Feb'18
PPC (Afternoon Batch) 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm 20th Feb to 27thFeb'18 28th Feb'18
SMO (Afternoon Batch) 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm 01st Mar to 07th Mar'18 08th Mar'18

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