Be a PPC Expert to Pay Right for your ads or Get Paid More on your Career

What is PPC?

Before plunging into the importance of PPC Training, first let us know what PPC is.

  • Pay Per Click or PPC is a very effective SEM (Search Engine Marketing) method in which advertiser is charged when a user clicks the ad
  • Cost Per Click (CPC), Paid Search Ads, Paid Search Advertising and Paid Search Marketing are all one the same as Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • It is a very Cost Effective method compared to all other advertising method by which the advertisers bid on the relevant Keyword
  • To be more simpler, Search Engines Permit an individual and a Business to purchase rank listings in the Search Results

How to Develop your business with PPC Strategies?

A poor PPC Campaign may reduce your wallet Size. Everyday hundreds of websites are emerging in organic search results. Consequently ‘n’ number of optimizing techniques and updates are developing daily. Majority of people prefers SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Strategies. Though SEO is an effective technique but requires some time to come up organically in the search results. In this case, an apt choice has to be preferred for occupying the top ranking in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), because the prominence of your brand in online search results has become mandatory with no compromises to see high turnovers.

Our PPC training supported in Chennai will develop your business to identify various Purpose of advertising through various search engines, Create the search campaigns, Optimize and Analyze the campaigns based on Keyword and Promote your Brand/Business to the next level. If you want to take up a Course where your Business is focused on Chennai Locality, our PPC training will help you out for a better business.

Applying PPC techniques you can,

Rank your websites on the top of the Search Engines

Generate High Traffic

Stay ahead of your Competitors

Generate High Profits

“Better the paid ad Strategies, better the revenue”

Top Companies Providing Pay Per Click Ads

PPC Ads serve as the Major Advertisement modes available Online. Few can be listed as,

Google AdWords

Bing Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Twitter Ads

The most important thing with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisement is you pay only when people click your ad. This helps us to identify and generate the relevant leads. That is why, Though PPC is a Cost Effective Method, a number of Developing and Developed Organizations invest more on PPC to Promote their Existing as well as Newly Established Brand for a Better Reach. Thus PPC is a Smart Choice to sustain for a longer period in the Search Engines.

“64.6% of people click on Google ads when they are looking to buy an item online” (WordStream, 2016)

Here is a small fact on how Big Industries had spent annually on Google AdWords.

Amazon, a Retailor Online Shopping Company is estimated to spent
55.2 Million Dollar, a travel fare aggregator website had spent
40.4 Million Dollar, a web hosting Company, had spent
21.7 Million Dollar
Chevrolet, an automobile Company had spent
15.5 Million Dollar
Hewlett Packard, An Information Technology Company, had spent
33.3 Million Dollar

PPC is an affordable process worth the money if carried out properly.

Let us help to shape your Future!

Here’s your chance

How our PPC Training benefits Graduates and Jobseekers?

Demand for the PPC Professionals is increasing with each day. Anyone who wants to strengthen their Career as a Pay Per Click Expert can opt for a PPC training in Chennai with us which will help the Students, Graduates and Jobseekers with a Better Placement and with a Better Pay. So get yourself equipped for an in-demand Profession to have a Prosperous Career.

 “Be smart Enough to Start your Career with PPC”

What you will be learning in Our PPC training?

In our Digital Marketing Training Institute, PPC training provided by us in Chennai serves the Candidates to get learnt on the most important element of Digital Marketing and to explore the Principles of effective PPC advertising. In the course of training, our aspirants will work through a series of Practical exercises that will help them to understand the PPC techniques that leads to a great practice. The Learning Outcomes Include,

  • Examining business, product & audience
  • Analysing Keyword strategies based on the product
  • Creating Campaigns with PPC Strategies
  • Developing Ads based on the target audience
  • Bidding strategies & Bidding management tools

By PPC, As a Business Person you can

  • Have an enormous Business Growth
  • Get High Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Be a Business Expert
  • Increase your Brand Awareness

As a PPC Professional (Graduates and Jobseekers) you can

  • Attain a Progressive Career Growth
  • Get High Income
  • Be a PPC Expert
  • Increase Your Career Opportunities

PPC Training Course Calendar

December - 2018

Training Date
14th Dec to 18th Dec’18
Exam & Assessment
19th Dec’18

January - 2019

Training Date
07th Feb to 12th Feb’19
Exam & Assessment
13th Feb’19

March - 2019

Training Date
14th Mar to 18th Mar’19
Exam & Assessment
19th Mar’19

A PPC training will make you a

  • Google AdWords Manager
  • SEM Manager
  • Pay Per click Analyst
  • Paid search Analyst
  • PPC Specialist
  • Search Engine Advertising Analyst, and many more

Companies hiring PPC Professionals

  • Celexsa Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Colan InfoTech Pvt Ltd
  • Annai cars
  • Fourez Media
  • Falconnect Technologies

Here is a Testimony for you

who took up the PPC Training with us in Chennai

This place gave me the overall knowledge on DIgital Marketing and this place has a quiet overall awesome ambience which gave me the peace of mind and time to learn things properly as well the trainers over there they were so good in training. The trainer has a very good knowledge about the course even if its a small doubt we can stop and ask he is so good that he stops and explains with good live examples, At last the thing is i just loved the training period over there those people are so good they are so helpful and good at their job. Thanks to E Search for such a good training as well a big thanks for lighting my future.
Successful Student - 9

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