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Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a part of Search Engine Optimization (SMO) that spreads awareness and visibility of a particular product/brand/event through social channels such as blogs, forums, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or any other social communities linked to the business to generate leads and increase sales. The main concept of SMO is to optimize the website on social media and linking with social channels to increase the web traffic. Being the best institute for Social Media Marketing Course in Chennai, E-Search Advisors offers best SMO training sessions handled by experts in the field. Social Media Optimization Training gives the knowledge to spread your brand across the globe.

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Benefits of SMO

  • Strengthens the brand and contributes to high conversion rate
  • Builds familiarity and trust on business by the recommendations of social community users
  • Helps to maintain existing customers and attract new ones
  • Client engagement through online presence increases the website’s ranking
  • Develops a healthy business-to-consumer relationship.
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SMO Training Program

Experts at E-Search Advisors helps the aspirant to excel in various social media optimization techniques by instilling comprehensive knowledge on various SMO tools which when tagged to the website increase the visibility of your site and cultivates viral sharing. Well-structured training program with effective course materials and real time examples tailor your skills and broaden your knowledge on optimization strategies which would help you create brand awareness through popular networking sites.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Key SMO tools
  • Onsite SMO
  • Offsite social promotion
  • Functioning of popular networking sites
  • Profile, pages and link creation
  • Link building – adding social networks to websites and blogs
  • Viral marketing strategy using social media marketing
  • Identify social communities associated with our business
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Case Study

A popular news portal had several individual pages of sensational news and contents. Though it had a very good offsite promotion it still wanted to make its web pages so inviting that people should not overlook the page without clicking on it.

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  • Placed a neat collection of social widgets below the news headline and under the description
  • Positioned large icons and RSS feed at the end of the page for mobile devices
  • Placed capturing and attractive keywords on the front page
  • Listed sensational and trending news on top
  • Included ‘Now Trending’ ‘579 reading’ kind of status to the news


  • Smart position of social widgets made viral sharing on social communities
  • Web page got so inviting to read that increased the web traffic
  • Interesting status on social medias created a sense of urgency to click
  • Viral traffic generation achieved
Fast track Digital Marketing Course
August 2017 Time Training Exam & Assessment
SEO (Full Day) 10.00 Am to 05.30 Pm 30th Aug to 01st Sep'17 02nd Sep'17
PPC (Full Day) 10.00 Am to 05.30 Pm 04th Sep to 06th Sep'17 07th Sep'17
SMO (Full Day) 10.00 Am to 05.30 Pm 08th Sep to 12th Sep'17 13th Sep'17
Short Term Course Calendar
Course Time Training Assessment & Practical
SEO (Afternoon Batch) 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm 14th Aug to 19th Aug'17 21st Aug'17
PPC (Afternoon Batch) 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm 22nd Aug to 29th Aug'17 30thAug'17
SMO (Afternoon Batch) 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm 31st Aug to 06th Sep'17 07th Sep'17
SEO (Afternoon Batch) 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm 16th Oct to 21st Oct'17 23rd Oct'17
PPC (Afternoon Batch) 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm 24th Oct to 31st Oct'17 01st Nov'17
SMO (Afternoon Batch) 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm 02nd Nov to 08th Nov'17 09th Nov'17
SEO (Afternoon Batch) 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm 11th Dec to 15th Dec'17 18th Dec'17
PPC (Afternoon Batch) 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm 19th Dec to 27th Dec'17 28th Dec'17
SMO (Afternoon Batch) 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm 30th Dec to 04th Jan'18 05th Jan'18
SEO (Afternoon Batch) 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm 12th Feb to 16thFeb'18 19th Feb'18
PPC (Afternoon Batch) 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm 20th Feb to 27thFeb'18 28th Feb'18
SMO (Afternoon Batch) 02.00 Pm to 05.30 Pm 01st Mar to 07th Mar'18 08th Mar'18
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