9 digital trend to follow in 2016


  1. More User engagement  and brand exposure to increase the creditably
  2. Try to work on diversified traffic source for you website, use different social media platforms
  3. Dig deep in analytical reports, understand the user behavior patterns and plan marketing strategies in line with that.
  4. Create content for better user engagement which will in turn affect you revenue
  5. Use of trending keywords is must, as digital domain is fast changing keyword diversity is very pivotal.
  6. Pay attention to what is the demand in the market, never try to force your marketing on audience that convey wrong message.
  7. Guest blogging is a very catching up trend, it will earn to healthy links.
  8. Try to build big community or participate in the most happening community, Help people with the digital problems it will help you to build relation and personal authority.
  9. Keep your marketing very simple and as minimal it will convert you more customer.

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