11 Point to keep in mind while forming digital marketing strategy in 2016

  1. Five main reasons to develop SEO are Strategy, Conversion, Content, Optimization, Authority and Trust.
  2. Share the current trending information in website and your social media handles.
  3. Mobile – friendly SEO will grow.
  4. Content must be high quality with appropriate relevant trending keyword.
  5. Visual Based SEO elements like graphics, images, and video can be an eye catcher.
  6. Link Building will focuses on Brand mentions of company.
  7. Google is currently conveying new Google Search Console messages for SSL/TLS endorsement does exclude area name, or HTTPS confound blunders.
  8. Add SSL to you website, SSL Ensures the 100 Percent security to the websites which encrypts the sites and helps/prevents a hacker from being able to access information exchanged between the user and your site.
  9. Google reported they are trying another Ad Words advertisement design for clients to subscribe to content/SMS alerts.
  10. Use keywords are the anchor text for links, as this will help send signals to Google that pages are relevant for those terms
  11. Good content has the best chance of being viral content, and Google rewards content virality heavily in its rankings algorithm

2 thoughts on “11 Point to keep in mind while forming digital marketing strategy in 2016

  1. I have websites but i don’t know how to become brand in search engine, i think it’s good for better to understand and follow the procedure. Really i expect new updates frequently.

  2. Nice! I really accept and follow these blogs and their digital marketing strategies!!

    Dinesh from syntricon

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