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Discover the Top 10 reasons that why you should learn Data Science during this lockdown

In this blog, here we have listed some of the top 10 reasons that why you should learn Data Science during this lockdown. Take a look –

1. Data -The fuel of the 21st century

The entire world is data-driven and without data, businesses would not be able to uncover useful insights and also to streamline the activities that is taking place. After all, it’s time to question yourself that from where does all the essential customer information comes from?

Thus, here the ‘customer data’ indulges the vital role as it is impossible to improve customer satisfaction or buyers persona.

2. Demand-Supply paradox

The demand for skilled Data Science professionals such as Data Scientists, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Engineers, is on the rise. However, the supply of skilled professionals in the field is creeping up at much slower pace as job vacancies remains vacant due to the lack of talented applicants.

3. Less Competition in the Field

Though Data Science not a complete newbie, when compared to other traditional IT sector jobs, it is still new and is growing at a rapid pace. The growth rate has triggered a huge demand for data scientists and allied roles in the job market. But there is an alarming skill gap between the demand and supply of data science professionals as the number of skilled people is below the average.  This in turn has created a great opportunity for aspiring data science learners to get hired in top MNC’s as the competition is less in the present.

4. Diverse Skill Development

Any specific role in the area of data science demands appreciable skills to hold on. The skill such as analytics, mathematics, algorithm, statistics, probability, data structure, planning, visualization, predictive modeling, programming and much more could be learned and practiced to step into this field. So, learning such a vast skill set not only adds value to the overall work profile, but also helps you to make smarter decisions in various aspects. 

5. Generate new stream of revenue 

With the knowledge of data science, you will be able to examine and approach gathered data in a new way that today’s companies are looking for. You will also be able to distinguish idle and new surges of income generation with the learnt skills.

6. Freelance Opportunities

Data science is basically Information technology based sector and tending to its jobs nature, it does not require any physical movement of individuals or specific work location. All that needed is a computer device with good internet connectivity.  Data science holds a plethora of roles. With sound knowledge and practice in data science, you can opt for freelance projects to work on instead of traditional mode. Freelance opportunity in this area is increasing abundantly and promising a independent career prospect in present and future as well.

7. Prevent future threat in new approach

Today Businesses as well as healthcare facilities have been successfully collecting meaningful data even during this pandemic crisis to suppress future threats. One of the biggest sectors that will leverage data science capabilities is healthcare. The technology has assisted in interpreting and translating Covid-19 related information. However, healthcare associated companies increasingly adopting data science technologies as a tool to combat the infections and awareness using algorithm such as Linearfold. This algorithm is used to counter real insights gathered from limited set of resources which adds great value to any organisation’s need in an innovative way.

8. Analytics is used everywhere

Analytics has been widely used in all sectors to predict the outcomes and to solve complex problems which might relate with day-to-day happenings. The ability to look at various pieces of data and draw conclusion in the right way is probably considered to be as the most valuable skill not just in the professional world but in everyday aspect of life as well.

9. Offers lucrative and highly-paid career

Data Science is a highly advanced and exclusive field of study in this millennium. It is no doubt that professionals in this field have been paid more. The average salary of a Data Scientist in India ranges from 6L to 7L PA whereas Data Analyst salary ranges between 4L to 4.5L PA. All the job roles in Data Science is much similar with salary scale. The best part about Data Science is – it is still an evolving field which will offer you plenty of opportunities to learn, upskill and earn more money. There are incredible benefits in learning Data Analytics and Machine language and with a looming skill shortage on the horizon today many sectors have started working with big data. This in turn, any person with analytics skills can expect good salary package.

10. Different Roles in Data Science

Data science field comprises of multiple job roles and it is an important point to note that not everyone working in the field is a professional data scientist. This is why because a data scientist is considered as the most experienced of all others in the field. Other roles that are a part of data science are Big data engineer, Data analyst, Machine learning engineer, Data science manager, etc. Each of these roles has been well paid at their experience level. With regards to all this, Needless to say – Data Scientists are paid the most among these, owing to their experience and expertise in the field. However, the other roles mentioned here also do not stand far behind in the league. They too are counted among the ones with the highest paid salary in the industry.

Winding Up

Data Science is not only helping organizations understand their target audience, markets and risks associated with business, but it is also helping them to get close with the customer needs.The promising field also puts forth towards great career opportunities for newbies and professionals to fulfill the demand and supply gap.

Thus these were some of the top 10 major reasons that why should learn Data Science and we also hope this blog was helpful in understanding its impact that how data is driving the world and creating a new way to approach customers.

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