Google AMP Project

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages amp Project

Github and Google developed Accelerated mobile pages as amp project. Github is an open source site for the developers and users on GNU license.

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages amp Project

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages amp Project

amp is specially designed for user experience. amp pages are load faster than normal web page. amp project use the java script file and amp syntax to perform faster.

Google Accelerated Mobile Page Speed

Google amp is similar to bootstrap framework. Bootstrap is based on cdn (content delivery network) to load faster. amp uses google cache mechanism to load pages.

Google amp is not available for desktop search results.You can see amp results on mobile search results only.

AMP is most suitable for websites which have more large/heavy weight contents like video, images, flash, animations, pdf, nad so on

Google amp will increase the search results in mobile devices only. some famous sites are already using google amp pages in their hosting service.
Example: and so on

Google amp syntax and structures are similar to the html syntax and structure.

Example: In html we use <img> tag to specify the path of image file. But in amp we use amp code along with html page. <amp img>

AMP is 100% based on Mobile content system. the users/visitors load pages instantly.We see blue header in page of google amp.

Google amp Text Editor

Github published atom text editor under free license

Atom support various coding like

  • php
  • java
  • javascript
  • html
  • css
  • sass
  • less
  • coffee script
  • and more..

packages add extra values and services.

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