Google's Project Owl

Google’s Project Owl: How Google plans to end fake news

Google is all set to get rid of fake news and hateful results that takes a merry-go-round now and then on the internet. Google wants to give all its searchers the best quality search result.

When search result displays offensive or misleading content, it affects the user in 3 ways – the user may be annoyed on receiving vague results or may be fooled to believe in fake news or lead them away from their intended search.

So, hoping to give all its users the most beneficial response, Google has implemented Project Owl update. The three major changes made by project owl are,

Adding an Autocomplete feedback form below the query box
– Appending Featured Snippet feedback form below the special highlighted result that Google        showcases for a query
Placing increased emphasis on authoritative content

Why is this Project Owl proposed?

There are times when search results produced offensive phrases while searching for a particular keyword that attracted media attention. And sometimes the websites that ranked on top of the result page was that which gained popularity among the masses through certain strategies forgetting to benefit the user with relevant content. Therefore this update was implemented with an intention to eradicate contaminated contents (fake news) that decrease the quality of the search results.

How does Google know if a search result is irrelevant?

From us, of course! Yes, you heard it right. You are going tell Google that the information it has highlighted is irrelevant. When you give Google your opinion, a group of human intelligence updates Google’s algorithm accordingly, to pull out the irrelevant search results.

How are you going to do this?

Pretty simple!

  1. When you type a keyword in the search box on Google’s search page, Google (autocomplete) predicts and lists down possible phrases that may match your thoughts. If you find the autocomplete options negative or unpleasant you can flag it by clicking the “Report Inappropriate Prediction”, that appears below the search box. A feedback form appears as shown below, which you can fill it up and submit to Google.

Report Appropriate - Project Owl Google


  1. There is also a feedback form appended below the special highlighted results (featured snippet), which you can fill and submit to report inappropriate predictions.

Feedback Form - Project Owl Google

  1. Lastly with the feedback submitted Project Owl makes changes to the Google’s algorithm to produce quality results and heighten authoritative content.

Users and website owners have to understand that this is not an algorithm update. New sites will not be affected or de-ranked due to this update as long as the content is authoritative. And, it is neither beneficial to big-brands online.

New rule books are getting added now and then to Google’s algorithm. It requires your complete focus on the updates to optimize your websites consistently and suitably. For news on Google updates do subscribe to our E-Search Advisors Blog. To make yourself acquainted with Digital Marketing Techniques you can reach us by giving a call or text to 7358755422 or Visit our Course details section.

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