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How does the IPL Season Impact Digital Marketing?

Cricket is not just a game anymore in India, as we all know, the Indian Premier League, or IPL, as it is popularly referred to, is undoubtedly the largest cultural celebration. This is the reason why, every given season, it draws millions of viewers; thus, it becomes a perfect chance to develop the companies’ online marketing strategies. This blog post discusses how the season of IPL affects the online space, the top enjoyable and memorable ads of the season, and how JioCinema has changed the face of IPL streaming, etc.

The effect of IPL on Digital marketing

The IPL significantly boosts digital marketing activities due to its enormous viewership and engagement. Brands leverage this period to set up massive promotions, enhance brand market presence, and to engage with a vast number of audiences. The excitement surrounding the IPL creates an ideal environment for digital marketing, with increased traffic on social media platforms, higher engagement rates, and a surge in online conversations related to the league.

Real-Time Engagement

During the IPL, brands have taken advantage of the live nature of the matches to engage with audiences in real-time. This includes tweeting about the ongoing match, sharing real-time match highlights, and sharing polls or questions on various social media platforms. This kind of engagement captures audience attention and engages them in such a manner that they will provide consistent interactions with the brand. This type of real time engagement with the audience helps the brand become a part of trending conversations and eventually increase its visibility and relevance.

Content Marketing

The role of content marketing during the IPL season is to produce and share quality content related to the IPL to resonate with the audience. Therefore, brands during the IPL create blog articles, videos, infographics, and other forms of content that revolve around the IPL to reach a wider audience. Besides, this not only ensures traffic to their online platforms but also fosters engagement with the audience by sharing content that is entertaining and informative related to their interests.

Influencer Collaboration

Collaborating with other influencers is one of the best strategies during the IPL. Thus, brands partner with cricket influencers, players, and celebrities who have good social media followers among the cricket community. These influencers create and share content that promotes the brand in a way that feels authentic and engaging to their followers. Such types of promotional activities build trust and influence their audience, which leads to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Interactive Campaigns

Polls and other types of interactive campaigns go down very well during the IPL season as they get the viewer involved. These consist of interactive ads, contests, live polls, AR, and games. Such promotional campaigns can include, for instance, a contest in which fans are to predict several matches’ outcomes in order to receive a gift. It is thus important to embrace interactive campaigns since they are usually enjoyable for audiences while also giving people better branding experiences that are easier to remember.

The online Advertising Campaigns Creating Buzz This Season

Parle Products

Being one of the leading biscuit and snack makers, Parle Products has been generating quite the interest through IPL associated advertisements. The majority of their ads will involve simple, hilarious everyday situations that deal with cricket and the common man. By integrating popular cricketers and catchy slogans, Parle’s campaign resonates well with the audience. They use a multi-channel approach, including TV commercials, digital ads, and in-store promotions, to reach a wide audience and boost sales during the IPL season.


CRED, a credit card bill payment platform, has made a significant impact with its quirky and memorable ads. This season, CRED’s campaign features a series of humorous commercials starring iconic celebrities like Leander Paes and David Warner in unexpected roles, creating a viral effect. Their creative approach not only grabs attention but also enhances brand recall. CRED leverages social media and digital platforms to amplify their campaign, encouraging user engagement through interactive content and contests.

JioCinema Hit the Jackpot with Free IPL Streaming

JioCinema’s decision to stream IPL matches for free has been a game-changer. It has drastically increased viewership, making IPL content more accessible to a wider audience. This move not only boosts JioCinema’s user base but also provides advertisers with a larger, more engaged audience to target their digital campaigns. The platform’s interactive features, such as multi-camera angles and real-time statistics, further enhance the viewer experience and offer additional opportunities for brands to engage with fans.


The season of the IPL is just perfect for brands to reinforce the same and get the word out far and wide. By leveraging real-time engagement on social media, creating captivating content, and launching interactive campaigns, brands can effectively connect with cricket fans. Advertisers like Parle Products, and CRED showcased the power of innovative campaigns during this period. JioCinema’s free streaming of IPL matches has further expanded the reach and impact of digital marketing efforts. In order to flourish in this fast-paced digital environment, it is therefore essential to collaborate with an effective agency. Esearch Advisors can assist you in the development of key approaches and advertising campaigns that connect with your audience and produce the desired results. Reach out to us to enhance your digital marketing efforts during the IPL season and beyond.

Which is the highest digital viewership of IPL?

In 2024, IPL JioCinema has created a record 59 crore views, reveals Disney.

Which is the top IPL team in social media?

Chennai Super Kings is the top IPL team in social media with the highest number of 39.4m followers and engagement across platforms.

Who are the advertisers of IPL 2024?

A recent study conducted by SCORE, an ad effectiveness measurement solution by Synchronize India, has revealed that Tata, Amul, AngelOne, and Parle are the most prominent and memorable brands from the 2022 Indian Premier League (IPL).

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