One Single Ad Platform that Serves 3 Different Search Engine Audiences

Microsoft and Verizon get Stronger Together through Bing Ads. Search Marketers, Now you can target even a lot more audience of Yahoo, AOL and Bing. Yes! Few days back, Verizon (which was known as Oath) makes an extended partnership with Microsoft in order to grow the audience rate, volume of high-quality clicks and conversion clients.

With this Microsoft and Verizon Partnership, marketers can advertise their search ad campaigns using an exclusive Search Advertising platform served by Bing Ads, so that any audience of Verizon media like Yahoo and AOL and from that of Microsoft’s Bing will get to view the ads created from Bing.

With this team-up, Search Marketers can gain lot of right audience and valuable clicks. Besides, this partnering commitment of Microsoft and Verizon media is expected to make a greater transition in worldwide traffic by March 2019 on Search Engine Ads.

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