Webmaster tools for indexing

Webmaster tools are used to check the website indexing status,Crawling report,search traffic,search appearance status and to detect the search keywords from visitors queries on google search engine.

Google webmaster, Bing webmaster, Yandex webmaster are most widely used web tools for Search Engine Results page.

Every webmaster tool provides complete search console/search dashboard to the site owners.

Site verification is done with implementing the “meta tag” in between of header tag.


place verfication code

  <p>site content goes here</p>
</html> .

Webmaster tools for indexing

webmaster tool provides easy way to optimize the website in search engine. Site map is used to submit the links in google. Google bot first fetches the sitemap.xml page and then fetches the other content on website.

classification of sitemaps
  • post-sitemap
  • page-sitemap
  • aatachment-sitemap
  • category-sitemap
  • post_tag-sitemap

Example: sitemap present in  blog.esearchadvisors site is as follows


for clarifications copy and paste the above sitemap links on the browser. each site map contains too many links which points to other links on the site.

Example: post-sitemap.xml contains the too many posts links


Webmaster tools for indexing

simply use the yoast seo plugin or google xml generator plugin to generate the site map on WordPress platform.

blogger.com uses in-built sitemap and in-built robots.txt file. Users can’t able to edit these files in blogspot dashboard.

use the following links to login on webmaster tools

Note: Bing webmaster powered by yahoo search engine so there is no need to create separate yahoo account. Bing manages both yahoo and Bing searches and shows the results with combined data.


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