wordpress installation on xampp

Most of bloggers use wordpress as their blogging platform. wordpress offers many services including security protections and dynamic contents. WordPress is an open source cms(Content Management System).

wordpress can be installed in offline with xamp software. Xampp support wordpress, Joomla and Drupal

wordpress installation xampp

Xampp is sever based software which runs on local machine. xampp use apache server and mysql database to execute php codes and sql commands. for training and development purposes xampp is used as local server to test php sites/pages

  • Download Xampp server
  • Install it on local machine
  • Open xamp folder in C drive and find htdocs
  • Download wordpress file as zip format
  • Extract the wordpress file into htdocs folder
  • Open the browser and enter “localhost” in address bar
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WordPress plugins

plugins are building elements in wordpress, with help of plugins website is configured. plugins manages activity of particular block.

Example: In wordpress bloggers/webmaster use contact form to receive query from clients. “contact form” is a plugin.

pro webmasters use “wp cache” plugin to speed up website. Seo professionals use “YOAST SEO” plugin to check seo rank for blog post.

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