What is Digital Marketing ?

Digital Marketing is an effective marketing method that includes all the online and digital techniques where any businesses can be identified, built, and define their target audience for their products and services quickly and effectively. Many proven case studies state an effective digital marketing strategy has increased their brand's ROI in the short term. Moreover, digital platforms are becoming an increasingly important component in every people's life, which led to digital marketing growth over time. Digital marketing mainly focuses on reaching ideal customers via a highly targeted and relatable approach, often referred to as "conventional marketing."

What are the various types of digital marketing ?

Different types of Digital Marketing tactics are practiced in real-time to increase conversions and brand awareness in a productive way.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    - SEO is described as increasing its rank in search engine results and its organic site traffic by using common keywords and phrases. Effective SEO tactics are hugely influential because recognition is the first step to a lasting customer relationship.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Pay Per Click (PPC)

    - Paid search, or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, typically refers to the sponsored result on the top or side of a search engine results page (SERP). These advertisements often include retargeting, meaning that marketing automation software may generate unique, personal cross-platform advertising based on customer behavior.
  • Social Media Marketing

    - The secret to successful social media marketing goes far beyond just getting social media accounts involved. To build as many peer-to-peer opportunities for sharing as possible, you must also weave social elements into every aspect of your marketing efforts. The further excited your audience is to connect with your material, the more likely they are to share it, eventually encouraging their peers to become customers.
  • Content Marketing

    - Content Marketing is a method to produce and publish free content online to promote a specific product or service. It is a data link between the consumer and the seller.
  • Email Marketing

    - Email marketing is an innovative form of marketing. It is a marketing method in which an advertiser sends the recipient an email explaining the items and the deals available in them. It has the ability to reach millions of clients with a single click. It is a blend of graphic material with content and links that provide the user with easy purchase and access to information.
  • Blogging

    - Blogging is nothing but a personal opinion of an individual on any topic. Many blog sites offer free hosting of views, and it has the readability of millions of readers. If you want to become a creative writer, then it is a rewarding job to write an appealing blog about the product while online money-making with digital marketing can be achieved.

These are some of the major types of digital marketing techniques, which can be utilized based on industry type and requirements.


In relating to the change and evolution of technologies, people's buying behavior has changed over the past decade. Researchers say that online shopping has increased over offline, which shows the effectiveness and need for digital marketing strategies every day. This transformation has made many businesses opt for digital presence to compete in this marketplace, regardless of size or industry type.

Wondering about what the usage is? Here are some of the top things on how digital marketing is useful effectively.

  • Digital marketing is one of the most influential and trending marketing methods that can reach the target market and influence conversions.
  • Implementing defined Digital Marketing techniques has potentially increased business to attain high margin profit.
  • Professionals say that digital platforms have made it easy to target their ideal buyers effectively.
  • Digital Marketing is useful for increasing brand recognition and boost sales via successful brand awareness campaigns.
  • One best thing about digital marketing is that it helps brands connect and communicate directly through content like images, videos, articles, etc.
  • Digital Marketing is useful for responding to trends in real-time.
  • Besides communicating with the customers, digital marketing is also useful for tracking the buyer activities and refining and improving the existing marketing strategy.
  • Digital marketing is useful for maximizing the effectiveness of advertising in all forms of promoting efforts.


Nowadays, getting started with digital marketing is probably easy. Digital Marketing is a broad field ranging from creative website design to SEO-friendly content writing and many things in between. To be a powerful digital marketer, you must be certain data-oriented and follow up on the latest industry news and trends.

Here are few things that you need to know to get a good start – Website Creation, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Pay Per Click (PPC), Content Marketing, Affiliate marketing, Email Marketing. Regardless of whatever things you choose to use, here are some four basics things you need to know before you get started with digital marketing-

  • Determine your ultimate goal via any form of digital marketing campaigns for driving profitable revenue for your business.
  • Identify your target audience to make the utmost of your best digital marketing strategies.
  • Identify the buyer's personas for crafting your digital marketing strategy framework in the most effective way.

Thus, you need to know some of the things before getting started in the field of digital marketing.


No, Digital marketing is one of the simplest and most conceptual fields that can be taken up as a profession and business by any individual. One of the main reasons that make the area difficult is the lack of knowledge and up-gradation. To overcome this challenge, opting for a well-reputed and accredited Digital Marketing Institute in Chennai that offers the best-in-class expertise and real-time project experience can make your Digital Marketing career point an easier one. Upgrading your skills to the new trends and technologies within the industry makes digital marketing a quick and fear-free profession.


As per the latest survey in 2020, the average salary of an entry-level digital marketer in India is around 3.4 lacs to 4 lacs per annum. Here is a list of the latest salary trends in various areas, which could vary based on experience and other criteria.

  • Digital Marketing Manager – 6 to 8 lacs per annum
  • Pay Per Click Analyst – 3 lacs to 4 lacs per annum
  • Search Engine Optimization Analyst ( Entry Level ) – 2 lacs to 3 lacs Per annum
  • Social Media Analyst / Executive – 2 lacs to 3.5 lacs Per annum
  • Content Marketing Executive/ Specialist – 2 lacs to 4lacs Per annum.

How can I earn money via digital marketing ?

There are several ways to make money via various digital marketing arenas. Still, before making Digital Marketing a career, we recommend you skill up your knowledge in the field for a more substantial base. One best way is to opt for an authorized digital marketing training academy in Chennai like E-Search Advisors, where we will master your skills and sculpt your digital knowledge for a better career path.


Being a fresher, it's quite challenging to get started your career in digital marketing, but it is not such a big task in recent days as it is all about knowledge. Unlike other industries, if you have the interest, ideas, and concepts, it's not tough to get a good position in an organization as a digital marketer. Here are, few tips that can help you in getting a digital marketer job at your doorstep –

  • Learn the concepts of digital marketing skills
  • Make yourself prepared for an entry-level job
  • Get some experience – Freelancer
  • Opt for Internship Opportunities
  • Keep updated and learning
  • Master your portfolio with certifications.


Anyone can earn money if you have a pocket full of digital marketing skills; especially homemakers can make more money by doing online business from home. A trained expert has opened to a lot of opportunities after his/her digital marketing training.

  • Becoming a Freelancer (Part-time)
  • Becoming an E-Commerce Business Expert
  • Search Engine Expert (or) All SEO Services
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Content Marketer
  • Earn Money with Affiliate Marketing.
  • Become a YouTube Advertising Partner
  • Website Designing.
  • Earn Money via Blogging.1

These are some ways that can be useful to make money via online marketing, but one needs to keep patience and be consistent in efforts as results to appear in digital marketing may vary.


Some tips for setting up your career after acquiring the perfect digital marketing skills –

  • Gain real-time Ad- Experience via Facebook and Google Ads.
  • Offer for a part-time job
  • Become a Freelancer
  • Look for an Internship Opportunity
  • Sculpt your resume based on industry demand

For a career as a digital marketer, completing a Digital Marketing course is the best option. There are many training institutes offering digital marketing courses in Chennai for people to learn quickly with some perks like 100% job placement assistance to land up in a well-paid job for a perfect life by making you a specialist in one field, but various niches regarding digital marketing.