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The recent trend we are all rolled around is, a famous YouTuber (YouTube personality) uploads a video and becomes the talk of the town.  No matter if it’s a Cookery show or beauty tutorials, no matter if it is the funniest thing on the internet today, we subscribe, watch, watch and watch for the entire day. But ever wondered how these people attained success in YouTube? How do these people make such engaging videos? How do they achieve such a massive subscribers? All that matters is they adopt the Right Strategies to hit the Right Audience.

YouTube as a Career

Social Media has incredibly evolved with each platform. It sets the people more active and engaged. One such Platform is YouTube. YouTubing is not only about Uploading and watching videos. It involves lot of techniques and strategies to reach targeted viewers. Only then viewers turn to Subscribers which eventually make revenues. Anyone who wants to become a famous YouTuber must know the essential do and don’ts of YouTube marketing. Yes! YouTube’s main benefit is the Video Marketing. One can market his/her brand or himself on YouTube in an effective way. This is how people becomes more popular and earns money in YouTube.

Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day

So it is appropriately used for advertising. If your channel gets a considerable number of views and Subscribers then advertisers will pay you to run ads on your videos.

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Google serves ads that are based on content and the type of visitors, and so, the payment is offered to the publishers based on the number of views and clicks on the ads. By this way too, you can add a lot more money to your pocket.

Popular YouTube Stars

To become an effective YouTuber we will see few strategies of successful vloggers, who have been inspirations to many and have become larger than life personalities in YouTube.

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan Youtuber

Michelle Phan, a popular YouTube personality with more than 8.9+ million subscribers shares personal beauty tutorials on YouTube and various other Social Platforms. She raised $100 million in September 2015 through her own makeup line Ipsy, and is valued to be $500 million.

Michelle Phan  says “The beauty of the internet is there’s a niche market for everything and if you can focus on it you can build a sustainable and viable business of it.

Anyone can become a great YouTuber like Michelle Phan if you are good at beauty tips, Fashion, Lifestyle, Cooking tutorials or any other DIY stuff.

(If you’re not comfortable with making videos here’s a another story from a online clothing seller Miss. Deepika which may inspire you to start your own business by  creating a blog and making money from blogging)


Smosh YouTube

Can u imagine going viral by lip-synching to Pokémon theme song. That’s how the comedic duo Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla became Smosh. Now they’ve gone beyond lip-synching and moved into slapstick comedy videos and rule the folks on YouTube with their immense sense of humor. Their channel has more than 22+ million subscribers (7th most subscribed YouTube channel) and is one of the most popular channels of YouTube.

If you want to be one just like them, Here’s little advice from Smosh brothers “over the past 10 years, we’ve tried a ton of new things and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t,” says Padilla. “If we would have just kept doing the same lip-synch videos from the start we would have never stayed relevant.

So all you need is Creativity and willing to innovate for new stuffs in your videos.


Successful YouTuber PewDiePie

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, also known as PewDiePie is a famous Swedish web-based Comedian and Video Producer. PewDiePie acquires title for Most Subscribed user on YouTube since 2013. He discontinued his college studies in 2011 to pursue his passion to create his own Video Gaming on YouTube. Last year (2016) he was titled as Forbes’ Highest Paid YouTube Star with $15million. PewDiePie is named as one of the most influential People by Time Magazine and he is the first person to reach 10+ billion YouTube views.

Fun Fact: He originally started his channel as PewDie in Youtube. But somehow he forgot the password and the next time he registered as PewDiePie

So far we have seen few global Rock stars of YouTube. Now we shall see some trend setters of India, especially from Tamil Nadu. By this way, knowing the appropriate tactics to establish your prospects as videos, you too can become a great YouTube personality.

Madras Central

Madras Central Sudhakar and Gopi

If you love Humorous videos based on the present day to day life scenarios and social events, I am sure you might haven’t missed Madras Central. It is the fastest growing YouTube Channel with 1.2+ Million subscribers. Comedy Duo Sudhakar and Gopi took Madras Central’s popularity to a next level with their Slapstick Comedy intellect. With this massive fame on YouTube, they are debuted in a called movie Meesaya Murukku.

Jump Cuts

Jumpcuts Hari Basker

Jump Cuts is one of the trending entertainment YouTube channels in Tamil Nadu that concentrate on the funny instances and social happenings. It is done by the young duos director-actor Hari Baskar and Naresh. Their first video went viral on Facebook due to which with a great reception from the audience, they have moved their sketch to the YouTube channel. Now Jump Cuts with over 40+ video uploads, have over 800k+ subscribers. ‘Edhukku’ as means ‘Why on Earth’ at the end of every video is their catchphrase that many Tamil and young audience, especially meme creators sticks with most of the daily life events. Their estimated annual earning is around $17.6K – $281.1K. With this massive success, YouTuber Hari has been offered with many film offers and stated that he has been committed to a major feature film. Besides, with their successful reach on YouTube, the twosome has launched their next video channel in last year named as the ‘Idiot Box’.

The Duo’ successive win has just started with the Facebook video that went viral. Hari says “Our first video went viral on FB through positive word of mouth”.  Further this Successful YouTubers’ approach of engaging audience is as follows. As Social issues aren’t much given a great thought in the day-to-day life, here is what Hari says which makes their videos interesting for and analyzing by the audience “People don’t exclusively want to watch socially relevant videos, so we blend it together with comedy to reach out.”


C4ETech Ash

When it comes about Tech and gadgets, you might have known the vlogger Ash and his Channel C4ETech is one of the most followed Tech YouTube Channel in India. Ash started his Journey with a new Samsung Galaxy Note that was bought and posted a video about it. He was then liked by the like-minded people and became famous that way, knowing what exactly people like. Ash suggested that the best source of idea comes from the people who watch your videos. One other tip from Ash is ” Make content that you personally would like to watch.” Also he says ” YouTube is not really about how professional your videos look, but it is lot more about your point of view. It is YouTube.”

His words can be an inspiration to the upcoming YouTubers which is prettily summed up as, “It is YouTube. It’s about your point of view. You just need to be genuine.”

The Village Food Factory

Village Food Factory

If you are a great Foodie, especially who loves Traditional Food, Obviously you would know about the Village Food Factory. The YouTube Channel Village Food Factory was launched by Gopinath. From an assistant director to a Successful YouTuber, who now publishes more than 42 Cooking tutorials of his father. Month by month the videos went viral and Gopinath started earning at a drastic scale in a short time. Google AdSense is the main income of Gopinath. From an initial payment of Rs. 8000 Gopinath had grown to earn more than 6.5Lakhs in just 6 months.

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How to become a YouTuber? Essential Tips and Tricks

Wanna be such a YouTube Star?? It is not too long to taste the fame and money for a perfect vlogger and it is never too late to know about the YouTube Strategies. Anyone can become a YouTuber. But success lies in being an efficient and an Influential YouTuber.

So the fundamental Strategies for the proper Optimization of YouTube to go viral are as follows,

  • Be good to make a quality, unique and a better Content
  • Start with a short and a Crisp videos
  • Have good video editing tools
  • Set your Video Channel Professional, Good and Of course Cool
  • Assist your techniques with the other Platforms (like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) for a better reach

Here are few YouTube Optimization Techniques,

  • Create your Title in 66 Characters to make easier for Google search Display
  • Add ‘video’ to your title which helps getting found easily on searches
  • Add relevant title tags which makes your videos find easier on browsing

Proper YouTubing can bring you fame and gets your wallet fatter. But the choice is in your hands. To promote your videos in a best way, to know more on how to properly advertise your brand or to be a Successful YouTube Star, learn the accurate practices and methodologies in Social Media Optimization which is a key element of Digital Marketing. For more updates and information on various Optimizing techniques, do subscribe to our Blog E-Search Advisors.

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To become an effective YouTuber we will see few strategies of successful vloggers, who have been inspirations to many and have become larger than life personalities in YouTube.
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