10 Successful Indian YouTubers and their Inspiring Journey to become a YouTube Star

Do you remember the time when we hurriedly finish up our homework and house chores in order to watch our favorite TV shows? Yes!! But that’s long back I guess! The era where we desperately sit in front of TV has gone already and also the audience has reduced considerably. We live in the times of online predominance, so we rely upon YouTube even if we miss some of our favorite TV shows.

Did you know!

Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day”

Apart from watching videos, there are many who have made wonderful careers on YouTube as a full-time Job. If you are one among that separate set of viewers who dedicatedly dwell on YouTube World I am sure you might have not missed out to be a follower of at least few of the below YouTuber Stars. Here are some unsorted 10 Successful Indian YouTubers who are well vlogging with a huge set of subscribers.

Popular YouTube Stars of India:

Gopi and Sudhakar (Madras Central to Paridhabangal)


If you love Humorous videos based on the present day to day life scenarios and social events, I am sure you might haven’t missed Madras Central earlier and now Paridhabangal. It is one of the fastest growing YouTube Channels with 1.2+ Million subscribers. Comedy Duo Gopi and Sudhakar (GOSU) took Madras Central’s popularity to the next level with their Slapstick Comedy intellect. Undoubtedly failures in engineering career and in other television channels might have led them to this successful path.  They both have moved on from Madras central and currently, they are doing videos for Paridhabangal’.  With this massive fame on YouTube, they are debuted in a movie ‘Meesaya Murukku’ and then ‘Mersal’.

Madan Gowri


Curious and nosy about the current events, trending topics, and other general info? I am sure you wouldn’t have missed videos of Madan Gowri, a famous vlogger in recent times. He is a Marketing Analyst come YouTuber and a Former Digital Marketer’ (that’s why he has grown too popular using right Digital Marketing strategies we hope). He is popularly known for many of his topics on current affairs and other random information with excellent verbalization. He has also partaken in TED talks. With his active social presence, he has vlogged over 450+ videos and has more than 1.2 million subscribers.

Power Drift


Craze about Cars and Bikes? Never missed out the info on new editions in market? Power Drift might be your landing channel then!  Power drift’ is one of India’s top YouTube Channels that speaks about Cars and Motorcycles in-depth. It was founded by Rohan Albal and Amit Shetty. Power Drift brings out true reviews about the automotive and hence they earn 1.1 million subscribers. Besides, they also discuss about the eye soothing travel stories.

Shruti Arjun Anand


Does vlogging beauty tips is your long time anticipation? You too can become like Shruthi. Shruthi Arjun Anand is a well-known YouTube make-up artist and started her video logging journey at 2011. From 2013 she has become a full-time YouTuber and you know what, she is from a YouTube Star family of about 9 vloggers right from chef to a photographer (counting an 8-year old girl too!). Her videos talk about Fashion, Beauty, Fitness, Lifestyle and many more and gain a comprehensive set of audience. By now Shruthi owns over 2.3 million subscribers posting over 720+ videos. She also has her own Beauty Salon Company! (Don’t Worry! You too can become a Beautician in both YouTube and in your own Salon!!)

Learn Engineering


If you are a passionate engineer or a techie to learn engineering concepts apart from pen and paper, then ‘Learn Engineering’ is just the most apt platform. Learn Engineering is a channel that clear airs on engineering misconceptions and give idea on quality engineering education in a much simpler way. This educative channel was founded by Sabin Mathew, an IIT graduate. Though the numbers of videos are less than a century, his standardized videos have garnered him over 2 million subscribers.

Village Food Factory


If you are a great Foodie, especially who loves and prepares traditional food and asks your family members like son, daughter or brother to taste it first, then obviously you would know about the ‘Village Food Factory. This YouTube Channel was launched by Gopinath, who thrived from an assistant director to bring up a Successful YouTube channel through his father. His videos focus on street foods, village foods, travel foods, hotel foods, etc. who now publishes around 190 cooking tutorials of his father Aarumugram (now he is popularly called as “Daddy” by his millions of subscribers)  and gathered more than 2 million subscribers. Month by month the videos went viral and Gopinath started earning at a drastic scale in a short time. His video “KING of CHICKEN LEGS / Using 100 Chicken Legs / Prepared by my Daddy” has been viewed for more than 16 million times. With this YouTube Successes, he states that “Our life has gone from black and white to color” and he also specified that Google AdSense is the main income for GopinathNow Daddy’s fame has reached to a level that he’s doing a TV show called “Daddy Aarumugam Samayal Mattrum Home Cooking” in Sun Life TV Channel. Village Food Factory clearly paves way for other YouTubers and “Daddy Aarumugam” is a sheer inspiration for every aspiring Youtuber. Age is just a number!!



When it comes about tech and gadgets, you might have known the vlogger Ashwin Ganesh (aka) Ash and his Channel C4Tech is one of the most followed Tech YouTube Channel in India. He started his Journey with a new Samsung Galaxy Note that was bought and posted a video about it. He was then liked by like-minded people and became famous that way, knowing what exactly people like. His video talks about smartphones, android and speaks about apps, game reviews and tutorials, etc. Ash suggested that the best source of idea comes from the people who watch his videos. One other tip from Ashwin is “Make content that you personally would like to watch.” Also he says ”YouTube is not really about how professional your videos look, but it is lot more about your point of view. It is YouTube.” Now C4Tech holds about 1.3 million subscribers with 2092 videos.

His words can be an inspiration to the upcoming YouTubers which is prettily summed up as, “It is YouTube. It’s about your point of view. You just need to be genuine.”

Kabita’s Kitchen


If you are a homemaker and a full-time mother who faces lot of challenges to be successful in your career, we hope Kabita would be your inspiration. Kabita is a well-known Food Blogger who has a great passion for cooking. Her YouTube Channel Kabita’s Kitchen’ is very popular channel among homemakers which focuses and showcases easy to cook recipes with the readily ingredients available. She also stated that her happiest moment in her vlogging journey was when the subscriber number increased to 1million and when being a Culinary Queen she took part in YouTube Fanfest, Mumbai. Because of her inspiring videos, many call her ‘Social Super Mom’. Now she has around 3.7+ million subscribers gained over 550+ Videos. Being a homemaker and a mommy, it is not easy for Kabita to achieve this far without the challenges. Come’on ladies! You too can set up a successful career in YouTube being a full-time mother!

Here are her 5 tips for the upcoming Vloggers,

  1. Follow your passion, don’t worry about outcome
  2. Target a niche in the category you are passionate about
  3. Understand viewers, their sentiments and incorporate feedback. Take criticism as a part of journey and work on constructive criticism.
  4. Post the content which is based on your instinct and try to balance it out with trend and viewer’s demand.
  5. Have lot of patience; there will be a breakout moment.

Mumbiker Nikhil


If you are someone who is fond of real-life videos with adventurous touch, you might have been aware of Mumbiker Nikhil. Nikhil Anil Sharma is considered to be India’s best moto vlogger. Apart from moto vlogs he captures his daily life moments in interesting ways that excite audience. Since Nikhil travelled over Mumbai streets in his bike with amazing video logging events, he was titled with a forename of Mumbiker and from then he is popularly called ‘Mumbiker Nikhil’. He states that the basis of his income is mainly through his YouTube Videos, brand collaboration, and sponsorships. He has more than 159 million views and 1.7 million subscribers.

Guru Mann Fitness


Are you a Fitness freak?? Then you might have gone through few reviews of Guru Mann before using a fitness product. Yes! Guru Mann Fitness’ is a trending YouTube Channel among the Young fitness enthusiasts that speaks all about Health Products. From being too skinny to a Indian Fitness Trainer, Motivator, Model, Author, CEO & Founder, Guru Mann has excelled his career for over 10-15 years in the industry and have made his talents reflects through YouTube. His videos suggest reliable fitness and nutritional advice regarding food, supplements, etc. according to one’s health. Now Guru Mann Fitness gathered around 1.4 million subscribers.

Some Tips for a Quality and Appropriate YouTubing:

Want to be like such YouTube Stars?? Want to earn Money with Videos?  It is not too long to taste the fame and make money to become a successful vlogger; and it is never too late to know about the YouTube Strategies. Anyone can become a YouTuber, but the real success lies in how your videos reach the right people to become an efficient and Influential YouTube star.

Did you know!

“Approximately 20% of the people who start your video will leave after the first 10 seconds”.

So here some essentials of proper YouTube optimization techniques for your videos to go viral,

  1. Be good to make a quality, unique and better content
  2. Start with a short and crisp videos
  3. Have good video editing tools
  4. Set your video channel professional, good and of course cool
  5. Assist your techniques with the other platforms (like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) for a better reach.

Learn YouTube Optimization techniques:


To know YouTube optimization techniques in further like creating a title and relevant tags, how your videos can be found easily on Google, etc. reach out to us. ESearch Advisors provide Social Media Optimization Training, which details various optimization techniques of YouTube and other social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn) to reach and engage a wider audience, bring traffic to your sites, improve brand exposure, run organic and paid campaigns and to make profit using these social platforms.

Earn With YouTube:


Once after improving your Video and its relevant features, you will get a huge audience. If you reach considerable subscribers say a minimum of 1000 subscribers with 4000 watch hours, you are able to get paid by YouTube. To make use of that, after analyzing the performance of your videos, enable AdSense by allowing ‘Monetize’ option. By this way, you will get ads for your video and can earn more money.

YouTube Play Buttons:


YouTube recognize the best of its channels with YouTube Play Buttons. If you have 1 Lakh Subscribers, you are been renowned with Silver Play Button. If you own 10 Lakh (1 million) Subscribers, you are been awarded with Gold Play Button by YouTube.  All the YouTubers mentioned above are provided with Gold Play Button. There are even higher play buttons (Diamond and Customized) in this hierarchy for even more subscribers count.

No matter if you wanted to become a popular Chef, a tech geek, a fashion artist, an upcoming actor, an inspiring musician, an artistic writer, a thoughtful photographer, a beautician, a public speaker, or simply a one who posts random funniest things on the Internet, YouTube as a great Platform has served better for many of these vloggers to expose their talent and helped them earn money.

Even if you are a homemaker or a full-time mommy who doesn’t have time to make your career out of home, YouTube is a blessing to you. Wherein by implementing the right strategies you can build your future as a Successful YouTube Star just like Shruti and Kabita and with growing subscribers you can make huge money.

Cheer Up! It’s time to polish your skills, get your specialties ready and start recording your talents as videos and promote on YouTube and other online channels using right digital marketing skills! If you find difficult doing so, reach out to us, we at ESearch Advisors help you with our Social Media Optimization Training and Social Media Optimization Services. For more such inspirational ideas and tips on Digital Marketing, do subscribe to our ESearch Advisors Blog.

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