Adsense money monetization

Google created Adsense money monetization program in the year of 2003. Adsense is specially for publishers to display Google ads on the website. Google Adsense generates particular publisher id number for the ads in the form of java scripts.

Google Adwords is an opposite process to Adsense, Adwords displays the ads with help of Google Adsense program and Adwords users will pay money for the ad clicks and ad impression on Google search results.


Adsense money monetization

Adsense money monetization in mobile applications

Adsense Monetization is the process of making money via blogging or website. Admob registered user implements the Adsense SDK in their app and earn money with displaying ads on the mobile applications.

Admob supports ads integration in android apps, i-phone apps and windows store apps.

Google Adsense approve Certain blogs based on the content quality and webmaster guidelines. Adsense approval takes four or five days to get verified under the analysis of google web team.

Niche building blog needs quality content and quality traffic.

Example: labnol blog receive 50 lakhs per month without using any frequent updates and new posts.
The tech blog is built with WordPress theme and monetized with Google Adsense.

Traffic is the only key source to earn money online, without traffic the blog/website is to be like a river without water.

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