Social Media Signals for SEO


Social media plays important role and considered as good signals in Google search algorithm. Facebook, Twitter, Lined In, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram, are popular social sharing websites in the internet. Facebook hits the 1st place of social sites all over the work.

The alexa rank for Facebook is globally as 2nd rank where Google holds the first rank in both globally and locally.


Social Media Signals for SEO

Why Social signals are important

  • Social signals calculated by shares and likes
  • Social signals indicates whether the user is like the post or not
  • Social signals helps to create community in social media sites
  • Users shares the post if only they like the post
  • Facebook like page is used to send notification frequently
  • Facebook groups helps to increase the post shares
  • Twitter tweets, Google plus shares helps to create more leads on business
  • Social shares increase the domain authority and site links
  • Branding the product/business is done by social media within few days

Place social icons on websites

Use social floating share icons in the site to get more shares and also place the share button below the post title and end of the posts.

Social Media Signals for SEO

Place Facebook like box is the side bar WIDGET and avoid like box in popup window because Google Chrome blocks the popup windows.

Example: placed their social share links as floating icons


Social Media Signals for SEO

Steps to increase social shares

  • Create Facebook like page and implement like box in website
  • Create Facebook page in the name of website
  • Invite your friends to like the page and to share
  • Post like page Link in the Facebook groups
  • Comment the like page link in posts(post having more likes)
  • Implement like page buttons in other sub domains sites.
  • Use ”boost now” option in the Facebook site with campaign ads

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