Facebook Templates for COVID-19

Facebook introduced post templates for COVID-19 Changes

Facebook is providing a set of templates to help out businesses in posts for communicating with their customers to know about their changes brought by them due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Features of these templates:

These templates were designed for the purpose of messaging.

Here we have listed out some features how these templates works out for businesses,

  • Informing customers they can still place orders while the business is temporarily closed.
  • Encouraging customers to shop online.
  • Reaching out to the community for support.
  • Sharing links to buy gift cards.
  • Expressing gratitude to customers.

“We know that many businesses are facing unexpected challenges right now including keeping in touch with customers, so we wanted to share a few things you can do to get ahead of these challenges and stay connected.” Said in Facebook Business Resource Hub.

What are the templates available?

Here we are listed out some of the templates that has been launched out by Facebook which are readily available for download,

1. Placing Orders

Sample image for FB online order

Facebook recommends this template to you for providing contact information and including details on when orders are being accepted,as it is also good idea to share the measures being taken to keep the products safe.

 Fb online order contact information

2. Shopping Online

Facebook recommends this template usage, to businesses for encouraging their customers to shop online while their brick-and-mortar location is temporarily closed.

FB shop online  template

These posts can also include” links” to your website or to “specific items” that you are selling.

FB contact information template

3. Asking for Support

This template is recommended by Facebook for your business , when it is going through a particularly difficult time, and it recommends for using this template to ask your community for support.

FB Community for support template

So that you can Share that your business is open to receiving donations, and you can take advantage of Facebook new ability to set up a business fundraiser.

Sample image of FB Community for support template

4. Selling Gift Cards

This template is for encouraging your customers to buy gift cards from your business with one of Facebook’s  ready-made templates.

Buy gift cards FB template

This template helps people know how to find and purchase gift cards, and you can also include direct links to purchase pages when possible.

Also see: Instagram Has New Call-to-Action Stickers for Gift Cards and Delivery

Gift card template in FB

5. Expressing Gratitude

These templates can be very useful for businesses to express gratitude to their community during this crisis time. As it recommends keeping it short to simply communicate that you’re united with your community.

Thank you template in FB

To know more about these templates you can visit the Facebook Business Resource Hub page and you can also download it directly.

Other Recommendations

Here we listed out some additional recommendations given by Facebook for keeping up customer relationships during this time.

Responding to Messages

Businesses can respond to messages more efficiently by utilizing different features rolled up right into the Facebook interface.

For example, Your Facebook Page Inbox can be used to receive messages from both Instagram and Messenger.

From now on, you no need to keep up with multiple apps as you can just use one.

“Stay connected to your customers even if you can’t be there in person. Answer customer questions your business receives from Messenger and Instagram right from your Facebook Page Inbox.”Said Facebook Business Resource Hub.

Facebook Automated Responses:

During this time, if you’re too busy with your business to keep up with messages, Facebook suggests setting up automated responses to handle frequently asked questions.

They have also mentioned some common questions they are likely to be inquiries about business hours, online ordering, safety practices, and so on.

Here we have listed out some examples of automated response message given by Facebook,

Automated response message in FB
 Types of  AMR messages in FB

Hold Online Events

If your business was planning to hold online event that have since been postponed, where Facebook recommends you for hosting a live video on either Facebook or Instagram.

“Live is a great way to broadcast real-time video on Facebook with just your camera on a desktop or mobile device. Think of it as a chance to take your customers behind-the-scenes. Said Facebook Business Resource Hub.

Here we have listed some suggestions given by Facebook for hosting live video for your event and you can select any one from the below list based up on the event you hold,

  • Host a Q&A
  • Go Live with someone in your audience and interview them
  • Showcase and explain your products or services
  • Teach your audience how to do something
  • Create a Live series

If you want to explore more options on how Facebook is helping businesses respond to the COVID-19 pandemic then do visit their business resource hub.

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