Instagram Stickers for Covid 19

Instagram Has launched New Call-to-Action Stickers for businesses during COVID-19

Instagram has rolled out a new tool for businesses to thrive in this crisis time, so that they can use it to promote food delivery and gift card purchases in their stories.

call to action stickers

“In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and people around the world are facing a new reality.

To help small businesses during this challenging time, we are introducing new ways for people to support them by discovering their gift cards, food order options, and fundraisers on Instagram” said in Instagram business.

Moreover , this was not the first time for Instagram to launch out new sticker features, as they had already launched “STAY HOME” stickers for their users.

sample of Instagram CTA stickers

Where you can find these stickers?

These new stickers are available from the sticker tray, which can be accessed by tapping on the square smiley icon in top right-hand corner.

After selecting either the ‘gift cards’ or ‘food orders’ sticker, you’ll be prompted to choose from one of Instagram selected partners.

Sticker tray in Instagram

How to make Your Purchase?

Gift card purchases and food delivery transactions will all be facilitated by a third party.

Their Supported partners include:

  • Square
  • Kabbage
  • Raise
  • Yiftee
  • Caviar
  • ChowNow
  • Door Dash
  • GrubHub
  • Post mates
  • Seamless
  • Uber Eats
list of third parties on Instagram

Here we have mentioned out some steps that you have to follow while making your order/purchase.

  • First step is to choose from one of their above listed selected partners, where you’ll be able to add a direct link to the order page.
  • Once you set this up the first time you won’t be asked to do it again. You can simply select the sticker and Instagram will remember your preferences.
  • Links can be changed at any time though. If you decide you had rather promote your Uber Eats link over Door Dash, for example, you can easily switch over.
  • Note that only one food order sticker can be added per story. Businesses cannot link to multiple foods delivery services in the same story.

However, there’s nothing to stop businesses from posting consecutive stories with different delivery providers in each of them.

Instagram Profile Buttons

In adding up to new story stickers, Instagram is giving businesses the option to add buttons on their profile page dedicated to gift card purchases and food delivery orders.

adding  profile buttons in instagram

These are as same as the story stickers; they’re just more accessible to customers.

How to set up your Profile Buttons?

Here we have mentioned out some steps for setting up your Profile buttons:

Step 1: Go to your Instagram profile.

Step 2: Tap Edit Profile.

Step 3: Under “Public Business Information,” tap Action Buttons.

Step 4: Under “Select a Button,” choose Gift Cards.

Step 5: Select a partner to sell your gift cards. If you haven’t already set up your gift cards with a partner, follow the instructions on the partner’s site.

Step 6: Add the partner link for the gift card service you selected.

Step 7: After you’ve entered the website, tap Done.

To use the features new Stories sticker and profile button options, an Instagram business or creator account is required.

Additional Recommendations

Instagram’s new stickers can be used however you wish, but Instagram has provided some recommendations for using them creatively.

Here we are listed out some recommendations given by Instagram,

  • Highlight what’s new: Promote new items added to the menu, new specials, and anything else that will get customers’ attention.
  • Share your menu: If there are no new items to share, then remind customers about existing favorites.
  • Show appreciation: Let customers know what their support means to your business and staff.
  • Encourage sharing: Ask customers to share your sticker or photos of their recent orders.
  • Share reviews: Re post customer stories, shout outs, and reviews of your business.

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