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A recent addition to the popular YouTube platform is “shorts.” This is similar to an Instagram reel that can create short video content of 15 seconds or less. Given the growing popularity of short video content, YouTube Short is a great opportunity for anyone with an existing target audience on this platform. All you need now is a 15-second video to get the viewer’s attention.


YouTube shorts video benefits from understanding why short-format content is so popular today. A simple 1-minute tutorial will help you to have fun and help people relax, relax and enjoy their free time during commuting and work breaks. This is a way to interact and connect with your viewers to view a variety of content. Reach new viewers who typically work with short videos. Show another side of your brand or channel with these relaxing and fun clips. After all, if there are other ways to create content on each social network, it’s a great strategy and will help you reach new users. YouTube Shorts has great growth potential. TikTok has nearly 700 million users, but YouTube has more than 2 billion users. In the beta phase in India, YouTube Shorts was played 3.5 billion times daily.


  • Short-form creators can see a bigger reach.
  • Most industry brands can use shorts
  • YouTube shorts may be less vulnerable than other virus platforms.
  • Shorts can bring long-term benefits

Here’s why a Brand should use shorts for YouTube marketing:

  • Create your content that attracts your audience in a different way than traditional marketing.
  • Reach the younger generation who prefer short videos over long marketing content.
  • Introduce your brand through interesting and engaging videos.
  • Reach a large audience, get followers early on, and start building brand awareness.

Some of the YouTube Shorts statistics that a creator & a marketer need to be conscious of:

  • YOUTUBE has more than 2 billion active users per month.
  • YOUTUBE SHORTS receives more than 15 billion people. Average daily calls around the world.
  • Over 70% of YouTube viewing time is from mobile devices.
  • Creators use shorts to get feature-length YOUTUBE subscribers.
  • Creators can select sounds from any YOUTUBE video and remix shorts content.
  • YOUTUBE Shorts have more Monetization Methods.

YouTube shorts are a great opportunity to try out new types of content. Within the next few months, YouTube will add authoring tools to make short formats as easy to enjoy as viewers & to enjoy short videos on other platforms. We can expect other platforms to share more new features to compete and motivate creators. Stay informed, things are about to heat up in the video marketing world!


  1. Good read, I can see many start doing this YouTube shorts and the only thing came to my mind is how it is working for them. what they actually get by doing these shorts. If you could have added that part in the blog it would have been more informative

    1. Hi Lawrence,
      Thank you for reading! I really appreciate you taking the time out to share your information relating to YouTube Shorts. I’m using your review for making another blog about its strategies. Hope you’ll come & read again soon!

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