Indexing in Google Search

Indexing is the process of the collecting the crawled data by the bots such as Google-bot or yahoo-bot. indexing stores the data in the form of cloud storage for faster access and to deliver the fast search results to the user.

Google shows index results based on the user search query

Example: if the user search about “seo companies in chennai” means the Google will shows the some indexed pages as the search results.


seo companies in chennai

In the above picture Google fetches 27,60,000 indexed sites as search results based on the user search query. These indexed sites are stored on the Google server. Cookies are used by Google to store search results in the user computer. Cookies increase the site speed by displaying results from the local computer instead of showing results from internet server.

Miss-spell the word in Google search

If sometimes the user may miss-spell the word in Google but Google Delivers the correct search results by scanning the query word with proper definition and meanings, finally Google Identify and delivers correct search query with search results.

Indexing in Google Search

Example: the user miss-spell the search query as “e-search advisors” in the Google. But the Google detects the correct word and shows the results to the user.


In some situations the Google shows the relevant search results if the query is not in complete manner.

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