how to get new facebook like button

Facebook like button extension


how to get new facebook like button

Since the inception of Facebook there was huge demand for other expressive reactions like anger, sad, happy, but facebook took its time to roll out those, and finally its live, so what can a user expect from it, well now you can be more animated in terms of your opinion about any post in facebook, We feel that updates like this helps facebook to stay on top among their competitors


So how does these new reaction button works:-

To add a reaction, hold down the Like button on mobile or hover over the Like button on desktop to see the reaction image options and then tap either Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad or Angry.


What Facebook’s Reactions Mean For Marketers.

At this time, reactions shouldn’t badly affect a post’s organic reach or placement in the news feed. It might benefit Page owners, as it gives an idea that exactly how the audience feel about the content published by the page. When it comes to ad delivery, the same thing applies. All reactions are treated the same as likes.


So this happens that we have to wait little longer to get that dislike button.

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