Product selling in Instagram by "Checkout" Feature

Now Brands Can Sell Products Directly Through The Instagram App

For the last one year Instagram has been implementing many features which help a brand to promote and sell products in a powerful way. And now they have come up with an ultimate killer move to become a huge part in e-commerce space

Instagram is rolling out an ultimate shopping feature called “Checkout on Instagram” for brands which will allow them to sell products in the app. It is currently being tested in a closed beta with a select number of major brands.

Checkout feature by Instagram - Guide

Image: How Checkout on Instagram Feature will Look 

Brands with access to this feature can add a “Checkout on Instagram” button to the product page of a shopping post. When users tap on a product to look at the details, they’ll see the option to “Checkout on Instagram”. If a user is willing to buy a product then the user should click the “Checkout on Instagram” button and enter name, email, billing address and shipping address.

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Instagram will even send notifications to customers when there are updates to their tracking information. This will be a big game change in e-commerce space. And this will help the 25 million businesses in Instagram to sell their products effectively and easily because a user doesn’t have to leave Instagram app for buying a product.

Checkout on Instagram is only available to people in the US for selected brands. Remaining countries are more likely to get this feature in upcoming months.

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