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Now You Can Earn Reward By Using Bing Search Engine

Will it not be awesome if we get paid for the searches we do?? Obviously yes! Here is Microsoft paying people for the searches we make. In order to get more people to use Bing Search Engine, Microsoft had made an effort to pay the users by a Loyalty program called Microsoft Rewards. Now this program is brought in to UK which has already been in US since a year.

So what this reward is? With each Bing searches, points are given by the Microsoft as rewards that can be recovered for the items in the Microsoft Store. These points can be earned by searches using Bing, taking up the Quizzes, competitions and the challenges, provided people need to be signed into the Bing by their Microsoft account.

So how the points are allotted by Bing?

There are two levels namely Level 1 and Level 2. Everyone can earn up to 30 points per day, with each search accounting to 3 points which means up to 10 searches can be done in a day. The other great news is that the points are doubled on using Microsoft Edge. There are many offers with Level 2 and the Users can be ranked to this level by getting 500 points in a single month and People can earn up to 150 points in a day. In addition to it, 30 points can be awarded for completing the Quizzes in each level.

Microsoft’s Consumer Marketing Head, Kevin Stagg stated “Unlike other reward schemes, where you have to spend money to get points, all you have to do with ours is run your searches through Bing and points will automatically register in your account as long as you’re logged in.”

According to an article by WIRED, Google holds about 86% of all the usage in the search Engine market and Bing catches the second place by 10% and Yahoo acquires next by 3% usage.

The main motto of this scheme is to make people use Bing as the search Engines and to enhance the customers to set it default in Microsoft Edge and to promote it through Windows 10. Presently the Microsoft reward is open for US and UK and soon expected to be in France, Canada and Germany down the line. Soon the reward can be extended for India too.

Every minute thousands of searches are done. But predominantly it is done by Google and so Microsoft rewards people for using Bing. So who will not be happy if we get rewards for the number of searches we make each day. For more such updates, do visit our blog at E-Search Advisors blog.

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