Google Marketing vs Facebook Marketing

Google Marketing vs Facebook Marketing: Which is best for your business?

When it comes to online marketing, we have number of platforms. So which one suits the best, Facebook Marketing or Google Marketing? No!! Let us not discuss which is best; instead we will know how both benefits us in its own way.

Gone are the days discussing the pros and cons of the Internet and the social media. People are now very much aware of their advantages despite all the issues. Digital marketing has its own Optimizing section for Social Media advertising and Facebook leads the all other. According to a study conducted by Neustar (2014), it is found that the social media marketing is the most effective method that increases the clicks and conversions.

Facebook Marketing

We don’t think Facebook needs an introduction because it has already made a strong benchmark among the internet users. So how this massive reach in Facebook Marketing is achieved? As this is a Mobile era, there are millions of advertisers who are active in Facebook which paves the reasons for such a reach. According to Forbes, a survey carried out in 2015-2016 says that Facebook reached 3 million advertisers which accounts to 50% increase in active advertisers. Also 65% of ads of all social networking sites have contributed to $36 billion by this year.

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Google Marketing

With more than 3.5 billion search queries every day, Google is considered to be the most widely preferred Search Engine. So when it comes to Google Marketing, Google AdWords lists the top in priority. According to AdAge, Google experienced 17% rise in the revenues using Google Adwords in the year 2014-2015. AdWords growth is majorly from the ad formats, shopping and the number of mobile usages.

Google AdWords can help you target wider audience, organize high conversion campaigns, generate quick sales and all of these are based on the keyword targeting, location targeting, personal info like age and gender, shopping ads, language and many more.

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Strengths to Consider are:

Facebook Ads and Google AdWords provide number of advantages by its own way. Here we can see some as,

Specific Target Audience:

Extraordinarily Facebook Ads can target the specific audience to greater range. But Google Ads as PPC hits based on the Search Phrases or the keywords that the users search for.

By Audience Location:

If people search for a specific hotel or an ATM nearby, then Google Adwords wins the line in striking the Local audience.

Customer Engagement:

No doubt that Facebook is the leading social platform that engages more people online. Here the customers interact, interrogates, answers and many customer commitments are undergone through Facebook Ads.

Brand Awareness:

When your company is introduced, Facebook Ads reach plenty of its users. But when already established and well flourished, AdWords reaches many in numbers comparatively.

Lead Generation:

Google AdWords stands top when it comes to generate immediate leads or sales. To simply say, new customers find you in Facebook and Google AdWords help you to find new customers, that is a large potential audience can be covered by AdWords.

Marketing Options:

Compared to that of Facebook marketing Options, Google AdWords like Google Shopping or YouTube Advertising can have number of choices like Display Networks, Search Network and Remarketing and the texts are optimized for WAP-enabled phones.

Sales Conversion:

Here again Google AdWords succeeds with an average conversion rate of 2.35% and that of Facebook ads are 1-2%. Targeting the people who are already interested, can give a thought for a purchase so here the chance of conversion for sales is higher.

User Friendly: 

Facebook campaigns are really easier to set up than having a Google AdWords. Google AdWords if not properly done, can cost high and its time consuming.

Return on Investment (ROI):

If Prompt return on Investment has to be achieved, then Facebook is the apt platform

Cost per click:

Here the Cost Per Click is quite cheap and affordable for Facebook (usually less than a dollar on an average of $0.15) compared to that of Google AdWords (varies from $0.35-$5) depending on your industry. Last year, Facebook ads were cheaper than the Google Ads by 88%.

Quality of Ads:

Google’s ads like plain texts, has to cope up much with that of Facebook Ads. Visual platforms like videos, images and other contents in their news feed satisfy the Facebook users.

Mobile Revenue:

These days Revenues obtained by Mobiles are observed to be high and the stat says that the revenue contributed by Google AdWords is 46.8% and that of Facebook is 21.7%.


So on considering the strength and strategies of both, when you choose immediate sales Google ads can be the best and when you want to generate leads on particular target audience (fans, followers, particular age groups) and increase brand awareness then Facebook is perfect. Any marketing plans should have variety of advertising channels and number of marketing tools. So as mentioned earlier, both serve its best in online advertising and list the top. Rather than labeling which is best, one must know how to engage each platform based on the circumstances and the requirements.

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