Search Engine Result Page


SERP is an acronym for the Search Engine Result Page. SERP shows 10 results per page on Google search.  Based on the search result counts the page will expand.

SERP uses the PR to show the results as ranks. PR stands for PAGE RANK. If a website is ranked well in Google means it must have PR 1 (Page-Rank 1). PR method was discovered by Larry Page who is the founder of GOOGLE.

Page Rank is denoted by the position of the site in the Google search results

Example: if the user searching for the keyword “E-Search Advisors in chennai” in the Google and Google shows PR1 (PageRANK1) site in the top of the search results so, PR1 site get more clicks, visitors, Sales and Leads for the site


Search Engine Result Page


White-Hat Search Engine Optimization is the only method to get PAGE RANK 1 in the Google. Paid advertising works but is the Sub Classification on the ad network so, ad extensions in chrome, blocks these ads in search results if the user installed any ad-blocker in their system.

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