Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. In this tutorial you are going to learn about the basic concepts of SEO terms and SEO tricks.

Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

Search engines in the INTERNET

Google is the most famous searching engine in the world where yahoo is next popular search engine. Microsoft have own search engine called as BING. But, Bing provides the search results in the combination of the Bing and yahoo indexation (Bing is powered by yahoo).

Search Engines: Google,Yahoo,Bing,Aol,Ask,Excite,DuckDuckGo,WolframAlpha,yandex,Chacha

SEO Methods and Techniques

SEO can be done by two methods namely Black-Hat SEO and White-Hat SEO. Black-hat SEO is the process of cracking the Google search by adding unwanted things and keyword stuffing on the site.

Keyword stuffing is the process of adding more number of keywords in the content. Keywords are added in the meta-tags and meta-description tags. Black-hat SEO works well but it will penalized the site and ranks down the site in Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page). If your site is penalized means it will takes few months to recover from it. So, please avoid the black hat SEO techniques and Black-hat tricks.

White-Hat SEO is the process of following the Google webmaster guidelines in the correct way and the proper manner. In white-hat method the keywords are added at the density level up-to below 5%.

 Formula is used to find keyword density in the content.

Keyword density = (total number of keyword count)*100 / (total number of words in the content)

Follow the steps to find keyword density on any pages/posts on your website

  1. Count the target keywords on the page/post.
  2. Count the number of times the keyword is appeared on the site.
  3. Use the above keyword density formula.

SEO Process

SEO is the process of making the website as user friendly in the view of the Google bot and other search bots on the internet. SEO is the only way to get higher positions in search results and also SEO increases the visibility in Google and yahoo. SEO is classified into two types one is ON-SITE SEO and another is OFF-SITE SEO.

Why websites need SEO

  • To increase the search results and indexation.
  • To increase the sales or leads in the website.
  • To rank well a website in the Google search results
  • To increase the search volumes and search leads on the Google
  • To attract customers instead of paying money to Adwords and other Digital marketing programs.

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