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The Celebration of Harvesting and Digital Marketing

Pongal! The Harvest Festival is one of the best times to promote your brand and increase audience awareness.  It is best to share your product and services in the public domain during the festive season. According to the well-known saying “You reap what you sow,” your present behaviour will determine your future. Similarly, the type of digital marketing you employ will determine how successful your business is in the future.  It is very simple to get lost in the sea of competition without an online presence.

In recent years, digital marketing has advanced significantly. The goal is to promote brands and create a strong online presence and a relationship with your audience on social media platforms. It’s the ideal way to connect with new people. Text and multimedia messages are also considered a form of marketing, in addition to email, social media, and web-based advertising.  Any form of marketing can make your company profitable but digital platforms are so widely accessible, digital marketing has grown in significance.


Paint your Celebration

The paint industry is one of the largest and most important manufacturing sectors in India. The promotion of brands on social media and OTP platforms has become a major responsibility of digital marketing. Great personalities have been signed by brands to promote their goods. Posting a blog on social media platforms to promote your painting company is an effective way to attract new customers. Having a blog with original content can build trust with your customers and will provide value to your readers. To increase brand recognition during a festival, you can develop podcasts, films, and online press releases and broadcast them on various social media platforms.

In the campaign the brand emphases the message that with Spotless NXT’s you’ll never have to worry about dirtying your walls for the festival of Pongal, The advertisement urge you to keep your homes tidy and clean.

Celebrations are incomplete without food.

As a Restaurant owner, you must know that the key is to keep your customers happy and satisfied.  It is important to grab your diner’s attention much more than usual during occasions. Looking for offers and deals is one of the most desirable things to do during festivals. Offering discounts and coupons through social media is one of the effective ways to grab diner’s attention. Running social media contests and campaigns will certainly increase engagement and number of orders during festive season. This will increase the visibility of your business to the friends of your customers, a great number of who will be your target market.  Rewrite your menu and make it extra special. Customers typically voice their opinions online. Being online with customers by creating videos of your kitchen and parties will help you understand what they are saying about you.

festive advertisement

For the Pongal festival, the renowned restaurant Murugan Idli is offering everything at just Rs. 79 as part of a Zomato promotion. People were encouraged to download the Zomato app using this marketing tactic.

Beauty of Celebration

Nowadays, there is a big trend in digital marketing in the beauty industry. Social media marketing and influencer marketing are effective ways for connecting with customers as well as promoting businesses in the beauty sector. The brand’s entire digital marketing plan is focused on making sure that the customers are totally satisfied even before they try out the product. Customers tend to buy products, especially during occasions. Reposting customer-generated product-related videos, photographs, reviews, and other content on your own social media networks would be an excellent way to approach your target audience. One of the best digital marketing strategies for beauty brands is having the right influencers to represent them through social media platforms to their customers since beauty influencers have a huge impact on what is trendy.

Speaking on the Parachute Campaign, it conveys how every woman celebrates their own identities through hair. Through a standout advertising campaign that brings to life this special personification, the brand hopes to celebrate them and create a stronger connection.

Strategies that drive

Festivals are a high point in people’s life. Every festival is celebrated in its beautiful way. Celebrate the festival of harvesting by bringing home a car. Digital marketing helps to identify current trends in the automobile industry, understand customer needs and wants, and deliver the right content to reach those customers.  Effective branding stands you out from your competitors. It enables you to engage with clients on several levels and cut through the market noise. Through interesting blog entries and articles that are then shared on well-liked social media platforms; industry-specific manufacturers can provide specialized product information, such as features, price, etc. This assists in addressing certain concerns of your target market. Video marketing explains the functionalities of machine parts better, can be shared widely and has a very high reach.

pongal celebration

The abovementioned promotion offers customers a certain amount of benefits. It is among the most effective strategies to address your audience’s desire to purchase or trade in an automobile.

Reap the Success

The target audience for digital campaigns will be large and challenging to manage, but a skilled digital marketing agency will have exposure to all the best tools and services needed, which is why you should opt for a supreme agencies like Esearch Advisors. We understand the do’s & don’ts of digital marketing to create impactful and long-lasting opinions on your customers with our digital marketing services. Why not entrust such a task to a qualified digital marketing company with an excellent reputation like ours while you run your business and reap the benefits.

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