How to turn your hobby into a small business

If you’re serious about starting a small business from home, let this story guide and inspire you to get started.

Yesterday I chanced to meet my long lost neighbour Deepika in a bazaar. She took me home and we talked about a lot of things. What took me by surprise was her successful designer boutique that she had initially started as a hobby. She looked happy and satisfied with her small business. I asked her how she transformed her hobby to a business. The things she said made me realize we are truly at the heart of digital era.

Here’s her story

Deepika was fond of designer fabrics. She used to talk about fashion dresses in trend all the time. She purchased latest dress materials and sold it to neighbours. She made it a hobby. The part of her hobby included posting designer dresses and fashion tips on social media such as Facebook and whatsapp. Queries came on her way from members in her social groups. They requested elaborate description about the dress designs and the clothing tips she posted online. Soon she realized the need to go bigger. Deepika digged the internet deeper to find the best way to share her knowledge about fabric designs with the members. That was when she learned about blogging.


Deepika started a blog using WordPress. With her ideas and little online guidelines she developed the blog. She kept the blog alive by posting about the quality of the dress material she sold and the recent fashion. Her blog was soon visited by dress lovers. People admired her dress sense and choice of clothing designs. Gradually the web traffic increased.

Through an online community she heard about ‘AdSense’. She began to brainstorm about how to develop her interests into a business. She created an account in AdSense and signed up a digital marketing course to learn more about the way businesses are developed in digital form. Money slowly began to flow in. What was started as a hobby began to take the form of an interesting business.

Smiling Woman Choosing Shirt In Clothing Store

Today she is running a successful designer boutique with freedom to do what she wants. Being her own boss of her business, she is happy and satisfied. A Craze turned into Currency!!

Currently she employs more than 50 individuals in 4 stores across the city, with her main designer boutique centered in the heart of Chennai. Deepika even gets orders from other states of India and her business blossoms.


And the trick for her success…..

Simple! She learned and applied her online business strategy that attracts customers. Learned about blogging and earned using AdSense.


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