wordpress theme basics

wordpress theme basics

WordPress Themes Modifies the website layout and website design. Themes are responsible element of the website look and site optimization for public visibility. WordPress offer themes as Free themes and paid themes. This post is all about wordpress theme basics.

wordpress theme basics

Free themes not comes with full futures and full support. where footer credit is coded with theme vendor name

free themes have various limitations like

  • absence of copyright
  • absence of sidebar
  • constant color
  • absence of main navigation bar
  • absence of footer credit
  • not full support of plugins
  • absence of featured posts/page

Paid themes have full support and offers all premium features includes

  • dynamic colors
  • dynamic designs
  • theme copyright
  • theme updates
  • theme support
  • theme bug fix
  • customer support
  • contact form with auto respond options
  • footer credit
  • featured posts with sidebar

paid theme offers free plugins to support WordPress inner optimization.paid theme layout contains child theme.

some paid theme offers drag and drop layout for easy handling of  theme customization.

Therefore Mobile responsibility is guaranteed in WordPress paid theme and customer support is also guaranteed.

WordPress theme must require some files to load theme successfully. Theme files include php files,css files,JavaScript files,html files.

wordpress  index.php and style.css are important files. without these files WordPress software will not accept files as WordPress theme.

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