yoast seo plugin wordpress

yoast seo plugin wordpress

Yoast SEO plugin helps to increase google search preference and SEO scores in Google and other search engines. Yoast SEO plugin is available for both WordPress and Joomla. Most of bloggers use WordPress as blogging platform.

yoast seo plugin wordpress

yoast seo plugin wordpress

Yoast seo plugin comes under two versions. Free version and paid version.

Free version provides basic elements like

  • meta tag title
  • meta tag description
  • page analysis
  • Seo scores
  • Keyword density counter
  • interlinks/out link finder

Where Paid Yoast plugin comes with some extra features like

  • news support
  • breadcrumbs integration
  • rich snippet support,
  • Video SEO
  • local SEO
  • Business SEO

Site map by yoast seo plugin wordpress

Yoast seo plugin creates special sitemap based on the posts, images ,categories. image sitemap creation will help to rank well in google image search results.

Yoast seo plugin comes under easy readability checker tool which checks all the text errors and readability errors

Example: A good paragraph must be written with three or four lines. if you write a para more than four lines means the yoast readability score will decrease.

Yoast plugin indicates the seo scores as color signals.

  1. Green signal indicates good seo,
  2. Orange signal indicates the moderate seo
  3. red signal indicates the poor seo score for the content.

Seo scores are generated based on the target keyword. the target keyword appears in the slug of the url. Yoast seo plugin is easy to use and its better plugin when compared with other seo plugins in WordPress. Import and Export functionality backups and restores the old seo settings and configurations.

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