13 Ways to Get More Likes and Shares on Your Facebook Page


  1. Be Regular in posting – Be consistent in posting to keep you viewers engaged, keep a good time interval between your posts
  2. Time it right – timing of the post depends from business to business, so research on that, and find out the right time to participate with your audience.
  3. Use of attractive images –as the saying goes “one pictures is worth thousand words” choose your images wisely to attract more attention.
  4. Keep it short – No one has time for big boring content, your message should be short and crisp, short content will fetch you more likes and share.
  5. Be relevant – Your content should be in line with audience they must be feed what they wants to see.
  6. Include call to action – Always try and include right call to action in your post, your fans will respond very well to that.
  7. Use of Polls/Survey – Use of polls and Survey is the best way to engage and encourage the audience, it keeps them interested in you.
  8. Offer value – Your offer should be of some value to your fans they should get benefited from it in some way.
  9. Be entertaining – Analysis your post response and understand which type of post attains more audience and focus on enriching those types of post. For eg- your audience interact more on video post rather than image posts so you need to concentrate more on video post.
  10. Be educational – Every now and then you must provide your audience with educational post, it shows that you care about them.
  11. Make a list – Break down the info into list which you want to share with your fans, it helps them understand better and it has a better reach.
  12. Be seasonable – Modify your content to season and upcoming holidays it helps the fans to relate and associate with your brand more efficiently.

Use trending thing – lot of search is made for trending topics and if you’re to collaborate your post with the trending news with good use of hash tag there are chance that your post might go viral.

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