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Penguin Update

Penguin Update

The main focus of Penguin algorithm is to correct the web spam problems and non-ethical way of generating high volumes of links. Penguin algorithm blackens dreadful contents and links from articles that have used article spinning software. The page ranking system pattern will ignore these backlinks.

In the previous version of this Google algorithm you will get penalized. Disappearing of websites from Google search results can be problematical. It is hard to digest the fact of waiting for months until the next release of algorithm. An opportunity to submit a request of reconsideration for websites ended up in black list was made by Google when the penguin code was updated.


  • This update allegedly affected about 1% of Google search queries.
  • In 2014, the query volume of almost 12 billion searches per month.
  • Each month over 120 million searches were affected by the refresh of the algorithm.


Google Panda

Google panda

Panda 4.2, an algorithm which focuses on content quality, ranking high with this latest version algorithm in the SERPs absolutely made a hard landing on websites with poor content. Updates on this algorithm were made in the past, but this latest update the major aspects of the code were amended.


The Pirate Update

Pirate update


Penalizing websites that has a high volume of Copyright Violation Reports, in the latest update of pirate algorithm Google executed Google bomb fix to prevent biased Listings in Google Maps for arresting the copyright violation. Crowdsourcing is another issue caused many places to be appropriate for offensive words and the entire web go down in Google maps.


Encouraging the Use of HTTPS

Encouraging the Use of https

Google announced an update that HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) as a metric to appraise ranking preference. By doing this the webmasters got an inducement to move to HTTPS instead of being in less secure HTTP because it uses the secured socket layer (SSL) & transport layer security (TLS).


 Google Will Restrict Access to the Keyword Auto-Completion API

Google Will Restrict Access to the Keyword Auto-Completion API

Auto completion API is a good tool that developers in all platforms using today, this is hard for the understanding of the less technical people. Everyone using Google very well know this auto completion feature. Now Google thinking about the keywords irrelevancy and the distractions caused by this keyword auto completion, they are going to restrict this access in the near future.




In Pay per Click the CTR (Click through Rate) increases the quality and position of the ad. Likewise search engine result pages CTR can also increase the ranking of the websites but nothing to do with the quality of the websites.


Social in search (Don’t ignore social media)

Social in search

Nowadays we get lot of stories and information through social media’s most of them before it gets shared people catches them through word of mouth and intends to search in Google and gets those tweets and other social media links which shares that information.


Mobile Friendliness

Mobile Friendliness

Many companies started involving App’s into their business, Mobile Friendliness as become a major ranking factor. Search engine giants like Google, Bing and other search platforms are now has set their sights on.


Structured Data

Structured data

Another important ranking factor is to increase the weightage of structured data (Any data that exist in in a fixed record or file).




The visitor’s spend time in website for a long extent or hastily leaves are also another rank deciding aspect.


How Rank Brain Changes Entity Search

 How Rank Brain Changes Entity Search

Rank brain is how the results appear on a Google search page and gets ranked. Hundreds of signals sent into the algorithm for determining these results. The third- most signal subsidizing to the result of a search query.

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