YouTube New ‘Trending’ Tab



YouTube rolled out new update on its app and desktop platforms, a ‘Trending’ tab that will be updated with the trending videos in real time.

It is understood that YouTube algorithm will calculate the comments, views and shares to give the best possible results in trending tabs.

It is located just below the home tab on the left side of Youtube home page.

This tab is going to be the hub for viral video trending in youtube. And it is set to receive the maximum number of clicks in compared to other tab in youtube interface.

So how this tab is going to change the dynamics of youtube watcher?

As other Social Medias like facebook and twitter has this own trending window which get updated with the trending posts based on like share comments, retweets and hastags. Similarly this is provide an easy platform for the youtube audience to navigate easily though the trending videos, in simple terms is trending search  made simplified.

How Youtube will benefit from “Trending tab”

Trending tab will be big hit for youtube, as it will be the most visited page on because of its real time updates which will attract more watcher and the time spend will be high. All this will bring more revenue to the video streaming giant; this subtle add on is a massive step forward by youtube, which will be leaps and bounds in years to come.

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