Facebook New Update Helps Business to Promote Product Outlook with a New Perspective in 3D Photo!


Every time when Facebook introduces an update, it is obvious that we all will be so excited to know what the new feature would be.  This time Facebook New Update is launched to excite the photo buffs!! Yes..!! Clickers and Photo freaks will enjoy the liveliness of this new update..!! So what this Facebook New update on 3D photo is about? Let’s see here in Detail.

Facebook Update on 3D Photo:

Initially the Facebook Photos were in flats but now Facebook lets you post 3D Photos. To feel the liveliness and to share your memories and moments, Facebook has recently announced a new characteristic of 3D photos, where you can click an image and post in your newsfeed and VR (Virtual Reality) headsets. Captured images can be shared in realistic 3D mode, provided your smartphone should support dual camera with the image taken in Portrait Mode.  So after the upload, on tilting the image, touching, clicking or scrolling over it, your posted images can be viewed in 3-Dimension. Coming to VR, the images can be viewed using Oculus Browser on Oculus Go or Firefox on Oculus Rift.


How the Facebook 3D Photo Update Works for your Business:

This update will not just amuse the photo maniacs. Besides, Business Persons can make the best use of this update to promote a product in a more lively view. Business like Ecommerce, can promote their products in 3D views (Imagine Your Products like Blazers, Gowns, accessories are portrayed in 3D view. Just see how effectively your products will be sold!!  Even Customers can’t wait to buy these right!). This helps them in better promotions and increased sales.

Just like Facebook, an Instagram update on Shopify helps Businesses especially e-commerce websites

Steps to Upload 3D photo:

Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:


Step 4:


Step 5:


As of now the update is brought to users only in recent iPhone versions with portrait mode. The recent feature is soon expected to come in Android Phones too..!!

Having a latest iPhone with dual cam?? Now go get your favorite bikes, cars, your favorite spots or your pets ready to shot them in the Portrait Mode. (Oops!  I missed your photo freak Bestie!!)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great information. The Facebook 3D photo update is the new way to promote your business and all the steps are described nicely in this post. Hope to see much more useful contents from your end.

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