Instagram and Shopify

Turn Your Instagram Posts into Sales with Shopify

The most popular photo-sharing social platform is now trending a surprising feature of e-commerce platform by ‘Shopping on Instagram’ feature. Yes! Now you can shop on Insta app and your purchase can be easier and effortless. The integration of Shopify with Insta is in progress and under testing. Selected merchants can chose whether or not to take part in this testing program. So once done, you can sell more on Instagram as a merchant and shop even more as a buyer.

If you are a selected merchant, turn your posts into sales on Instagram. You can have a wide range of products as well to purchase on Insta app. To connect the Shopify Integration with Instagram, upload a sales post tagging with that of products on Instagram. So when the tag post is tapped by the user, buying the product option will be shown up to them.

Sell in Instagram with shopify

Shopping and the transactions are done simple in the Insta app itself, making it much easier for the users. Shopify states that instead of round tripping the sales to the Shopify app, the sales on the Instagram would enhance their trades in a great level and can lead to additional sales since Insta is a ‘Significant driver’ of Shopify merchant store traffic. Users are much awaited to enjoy the ‘Shopping on Instagram’ feature.

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