Rise of Digital Marketing Degree in India!

Ever felt frustrated to update your IDs, proofs, forms without appropriate online knowledge? Ever imagined to take individual courses (Yup! Digital Marketing) to use every day online platforms? Ever thought you must have undergone a degree separately in order to fit this digital age? Indeed yes (Not me!! But my mom always needed someone’s assistance to update something online, and that includes even the Instagram stories of her cooked foods too!) and that’s how the world is evolving. This is because there is a huge shift over a decade in India from conventional method to going digital.

Even when this Digital transformation requires someone’s backing, then any promotional activities Online definitely require appropriate and adequate knowledge. Digital Marketing is one such gen! But in India, though Internet is being widely used by millions and millions, it is not used wisely.

Do you know!

By 2021, the internet users in India are expected to rise about 830 million.

Digital Marketing across Major Countries:

Digital Marketing is everywhere now! Online Promotions extends its way across all the oceans. Almost all the countries utilize Digital Marketing in a very effective way. The Online marketing strategies evolve every day and so most of the businesses (did you miss yours?) across the world use it effectively and thoroughly to enthuse the customers.

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Digital Marketing is being broadly adopted by top countries across the world. Countries like USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, U.K., Mexico, etc. widely use more of Digital technologies.


“Forrester Research’s Forecast states that Digital Marketing spending in US was about 85.93 billion US Dollars in 2017, in 2018 it is about 94.59 billion USD and it is estimated to be around 120 billion USD by 2021. Also as per Statista, the global digital marketing spending is estimated to be 306 billion USD by 2020.”

Digital Marketing in India:

Internet Penetration in India is massively increasing.  More than one third of the population consumes Internet. With this increased usage of Internet, India has lot of mobile users and India tops as one of the top nations to have many mobile users.

However India doesn’t necessarily make use of the web and its useful technologies.

Did you know! India is the second largest Internet using Country after China. Though it is the second, it still lies at the bottom of Pews Research in comparing the mass to the entire population ratio.

To combat this, India has to impart Digital Marketing Training and Courses as a degree which is going to be the future for many individuals and business.

The Digital Marketing industry in India has seen a massive growth over 2011-2017 and still counting. The CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) is expected to rise about 32% in 2020 with Rs. 18,986 Crore.

As per Forrester Research (Feb 2017), India will be the fastest growing online retail country in Asia Pacific.



“As per Statista, the Digital Advertising Revenue in India obtained in 2017 is 101.5 Billion Indian Rupees, 134 Billion Indian Rupees by 2018 and the revenue is estimated to be 294.5 Billion Indian Rupees.”

Think of 294.5 Billion Indian Rupees! That is actually, 29,450 Crore Rupees! This revenue seems huge, isn’t it!

Why Students will run after Digital Marketing Degree (Course) in Future?

Setting these numbers aside, let us be aware of an important question now! Are we all well qualified to make use of Internet and Digital Platforms? People, especially students who have realized the importance of Social Platforms and other Digital media, apart from entertainment go after Digital Marketing Training. No matter if you are taking over a concert, helping for fundraising movement, or running a business, every events now occur Online than in reality. Thus Digital Marketing is not a thing you can just blink at! You ought to definitely know what Digital Marketing is! Not just know about it, to learn at least the fundamentals of it.

Thus knowing the importance of implementing Digital Strategies into business, now most of the corporate use Digital Marketing as a powerful tool, in future it is going to be the only medium for marketing and promotions. This in line becomes mandatory to include Digital Marketing as a part of business applications and marketing, but not now. Even if you have witnessed, recently there are number of Digital Marketing Course providers in many regions of India. This is because companies are aware of it and even the demand for Digital Marketers has increased gradually. So considering its importance, though Digital Marketing is taught as a degree in marketing now, it will take really years to implement Digital Marketing as a degree or a separate course to provide a detailed knowledge.

Even many MBA students prefer Digital Marketing Courses after completing MBA. Here is our candidate Mr. Deepak, who has pursued Digital Marketing with us after graduating in MBA. Let’s see what he says.

Never postpone or rely on the future generation to acquire the trending knowledge! They are far ahead (And I am so sure that our children won’t help us teach or promote anything online with enough patience as we trained a b c d to them). So get yourself prepared now with ESearch Advisors!

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