Google expands shopping Ads to Gmaiil users

Google is Expanding Shopping Campaign to Gmail Users

On March 4, 2020, Google is officially going to expand Shopping Campaign to Advertisers which includes both Product Shopping ads and Showcase Shopping ads.

In an email sent out to Google Ads Advertisers, the company says Standard Shopping campaigns will be automatically enabled to run Ads on Gmail, as long as the campaigns are opted into “YouTube, Gmail, and Discover.”

Now Advertisers can ensure their Shopping campaigns visibility on their respective Gmail account by following the below steps:

Step 1:

Login to Google Ads

Step 2:

Select a standard Shopping Ads from Campaigns tab

Step 3:

Click on Settings tab

Step 4:

Under “Networks” find the checkbox next to “YouTube, Gmail, and Discover.”

If the box appears as checked, then your Shopping campaigns are eligible to display Ads on Gmail. Besides that, no further action required on the advertiser’s behalf.

Team E-Search Advisors, conveying a big thanks to Amy Bishop for sharing this information on Twitter.

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