Increase Website Traffic Through Referral

5 Easy Ways To Increase Website Traffic Through Referral

All our efforts are to rank our websites higher on the top of the Search Engines. So far we have been trying this on our favorite search engines, say Google by focusing only on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. But do you know the effective ways for generating website traffic outside the Google? If not, then let us see how to generate website traffic through referral.

What is Referral Traffic and Why it is so Important?

Referral traffic means percentage of website traffic that is generated apart from Search Engines (Google). For example, when you click a link on a Social Media you are then taken to another website. So the website traffic created by this means is Referral Traffic.

Referral traffic is very advantageous to inbound marketers because new people come to your site from a trusted websites. So the chances are much more for the conversions to take place because leads may turn up as new Customers. This will add merits to your websites as well since the SEO ranking is enhanced indirectly. Yes! When the visits are increased automatically the websites will occupy the upper rankings in the Search Engines.

5 ways to generate more Referral Traffic

There are number of techniques to get referral traffics. But what are the best practices to carry out? Let us see five major ways which will have an effective result on your websites,

1. Make the best use of Social Media

Enough of spending lavish hours on Social Media! “90% of all marketers indicated that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses” (Social Media Examiner, 2015). So spend your quality time for a quality purpose. Every time when you like, share, comment or tweet you are more likely to create traffic to your websites and generate Leads & Sales. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest are the major social platforms that benefit the marketers.

 “By spending as little as six hours per week, 66% of marketers see lead generation benefits with social media” (Social Media Examiner, 2015).

2. Create Video Marketing Campaigns

Now-a-days we get to see more promotional videos right? Yes. This is because we are socially more engaged. “Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users”. (Aberdeen, 2015). Promoting your videos in the best suitable Social Platforms will help you to generate leads and drives website traffic. But for a perfect Video Marketing this can be effectively done with the right strategies.

  • Know the correct motto for your video campaign
  • Have a definite idea about the Content, title, sequence, formats, etc. of your videos.
  • Include Call-to-action (CTA) button to have more chances

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3. Concentrate on Guest Posting

Guest posting has enormous opportunities for the referral traffic. In consideration of Penguin Update, Post your quality content in the relevant sites those are best relevant to your business. Build quality links, author bios, Call-to-action and many more that are related to your business which will reach the relevant audience.

It is tweeted that “Small businesses that blog get 126% more lead growth than small businesses that do not blog”. So here are some guidelines to keep in mind while writing a guest blog,

  • Pay attention to the websites that are related to the industries in trend
  • It is necessary to keep the targeted audience in mind
  • Write your content under your name
  • Link your guest blogs to famous influencers

4. Be engaged on Q&A sites

Question and Answer sites especially like Quora offers good referral traffic for small and medium sized businesses. Here are some strategies to influence the Q&A sites which will get more website traffic through referral,

  • Have a complete knowledge about your product/service which you brand online to identify the search phrases, topics that the user search for
  • In the ‘knows about’ section, effectively define your area of field and about your product
  • Include 2-3 links that are sensibly more relevant to your content
  • Be engaged for at least once a week in the Q&A sites

5. Publish Infographics

So why do you think Info Graphics have a special attention among people? Infographics makes the complicated things to simple data. To reach the audience with important contents, using Infographics is the efficient way since “Infographics are liked and shared on social media 3X more than any other type of content.”(Mass Planner, 2015). So sharing the Infographics in the apt platforms like Facebook and Pinterest will fetch more of the referral traffic.

So why to wait? Apply these strategies and get huge referral traffic. Get to learn more on how to Leverage your website traffic and Ranking from our Search Engine Optimization Training.

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