Guest Blogging Warning from Google for backlinks

Google’s Warning for Guest Posting to Build Links

Site owners are under a great threat as Google has issued a warning about the risk of issuing the content to the other sites in order to build the backlinks. Google doesn’t object the usual guest post, but due to increase in the spam links, Google has let out this warning to the site owners.

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Google allows guest posting as “inform users, educate another site’s audience or bring awareness to your cause or company”.

Google explains the below as the guidelines against the spammy links,

  • Spam score should be checked with the sites, it ensures if the site is trust worthy.
  • Adding keyword rich links to your sites can be avoided.
  • Employing unknowledgeable article writers may flop the sites.
  • Replicating the full content of articles found on your own site should be neglected.
  • Articles published across many different sites and many articles published in many different sites are to be prevented.

Google have captured few articles that are with spammy links which affects the quality of a site which directly results in deranking of a site. So a Site owner should be aware of the guest post and does not allow those that are fishy.

Google penalizes the sites that are created against the Google guideline. Complaints on publishing content can be submitted on Google’s spam report form.

Daily number of updates are brought by Google, meanwhile there are few warnings too. Let us optimize our websites with a proper guest posting involving Google’s guidelines to build backlinks. Do subscribe to E-Search Advisors blog for more info and updates.

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  1. Hello admin, thanks for sharing this informative blog post regarding Google’s warning for guest posting to build links. I will take care of the points that you have mentioned above in this blog post.

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