What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) And How Does It Work?

Every one of us wants our users to discover our sites so easily. But we don’t know the apt technique to bring them on top.  Then optimizing your Search Engine is the key thing to keep your sites on the roof.

What is SEO then?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a Digital Marketing Strategy which involves technique and tactics to find sites easily by increasing the number of visits to the sites and to rank in highest position among millions of organic search results.

Let us see the important roles of SEO that serve benefits too.

Roles of SEO

  • SEO’s major Role is to keep up the websites on the top and to increase the traffic to the sites.
  • The search engine Spider of On-page SEO helps to rank the sites based on the content, headings, tags, keywords, etc.
  • The keyword that the user searches when optimized with a valid content in the website increases the Websites trust.
  • The SEO off page activities helps to get quality links from the authorized sites. This technique includes bookmarking, directory submission, and forum submission.
  • Advertising is the authoritative need for any business to promote them to the next level. When the ad goes online, imagine the traffic it creates to the web. Thus SEO serves a free advertising.
  • SEO also helps in Social Promotion. When the websites are on the top, People tend to promote it on various Social Media.
  • In business perspective, for a better business, SEO assists to acquire better revenue.

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How does SEO work?

SEO works on many process and let’s see how does it functions,


Crawler or a Spider is software that every search engine has which crawls the web content. But this crawler does not analyze if the web content is daily updated, and sometimes it would take even months for it to crawl and there are exemptions that it cannot crawl few such as image, JavaScript, Frames, Password protected page, etc. In this case, keyword simulators are used which tests if the spider has viewed it or not. The web content will not be processed if that is not viewed by the spider which may miss from the search engines.


Once the content is crawled, it is store in a big database from which a search on a specific keyword or a set of keywords, the content can be retrieved. Sometimes this may miss out if the Optimization is not done properly. The spiders after indexing the content will determine the quality and relevance. If that’s deceitful, it will derank the websites and will spam it for sure.

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Search Work:

Search engine Processes on every search request by comparing the data it has stored and the key phrases that are searched for. But thousands of pages may contain the same phrases, but the search engines will match as per the relevancy of all the pages.

So how do Search Engines determine relevance and popularity?

There are hundreds of factors contributing to relevance, but let’s see which are more important.

Apart from the relevant and right words, search engines do prefer Popularity of a website. More popular a website or a page, more worthwhile the information it has. This process is carried out by algorithms (mathematical equations) comprising number of variables to index the relevance and then comes the popularity by which the ranking of sites are executed.


Every Search Engine has its own algorithm which is nothing but the set of rules or formulas that the search engines find as the importance of webpage. These algorithms examine if the pages are valid with the significant data or if it’s just a spam site. There are three types of algorithm, On-site, Off-site, Whole site algorithm. Each algorithm has its different aspects such as Meta tags, title tags, links, and keyword density to determine the webpages and so, many results are displayed for just the same search phrase.


Once after a thorough examining by the algorithms, the search results are displayed.

The SEO strategies include:

To have an expertise SEO websites, we must have clear strategies in Optimizations. A good Optimized websites will rule on the top.

  • Mobile dominates the search queries than other devices these days. So a good optimization is required to build Mobile friendly websites.
  • Make your websites to load really faster by cutting down the unnecessary information.
  • Engage people in various social media. This interests the user and makes a way to reach global audience.
  • Deep quality content is one important strategy for a perfect SEO.
  • Keep your websites compatible with the right keywords and quality backlinks.
  • As we all know, long tail keywords draw high traffic to the sites.
  • Yield customers to other search engines like Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, MSN and Bing too. Remember Google is not the only choice.
  • Changing from http to https for a secured connection can be implemented.
  • Use Google Analytics to target your market.

Do provide your users with a fabulous user experience with an optimized websites that they could recommend others, as a result, visits to your sites increases. Thus SEO is no longer a choice but a substantial way to increase the traffic to your sites. E-Search Advisors provides one the best SEO training in Chennai where you can learn the latest optimization techniques with live practical sessions. For more articles, do subscribe to our E-Search Advisors Blog.

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  1. Great article . SEO is the digital marketing strategy, which focus on the visibility of websites and web pages in search engine’s organic results. Great SEO strategy that you have mentioned above. I really found it very useful thanks for sharing with us .

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