How to sell your product on Facebook for free?

It is one of the most common questions asked by people who are willing to sell their products online. As we all spend more time on social media, social commerce is now playing a vital role in discovering new brands and selling products online easily. And at the same time, on social platforms like Facebook, you can sell your product for free without incurring any charges. It makes the process of purchasing products for the customer easy without leaving the app. When it’s Facebook, there are two options to sell your products: your Facebook page, and the Facebook marketplace.

Facebook page

To sell products on Facebook, you must first create a business-specific Facebook page. Integrate Facebook into your e-commerce website. Eventually, to increase sales, you should market your products through ads, contests, and boosted posts.

Facebook Marketplace

The marketplace is a Facebook tool you can use to market your goods and services and sell them directly to people. Sellers can now use Marketplace to list items for sale directly on Facebook without having to leave Facebook. Facebook users can buy and sell all kinds of products on the Facebook Marketplace, like clothes, cars, electronics, and home items.

Different methods to sell products on Facebook – (Facebook page, facebook marketplace)

How to sell Products using Facebook Page

Facebook has launched Facebook Shops, a way to make existing Facebook Page shops more shoppable. To provide businesses with additional support, Facebook is working with builders like Shopify to design a shopping experience that is also accessible on mobile devices.

Here is the procedure to sell your product on your Facebook Page:

  • Creating a Facebook Commerce Manager account in Meta Business Suite.
  • Add items by two methods – by uploading manually or through e-commerce website integration such as Shopify website. If you have an e-commerce website, select the partner platform, or upload product items manually.
  • Customize your shop
  • Making your store public

Advantage of using a Facebook Page for selling your product

  • Setting up a Facebook Page shop is still your best bet. This way you can start selling straight away, and easily link up with the Facebook Shops feature.
  • Facebook Page Shop made eCommerce management easier with the ability to list products with titles, prices, images, descriptions, availability, inventory, and more.
  • As it has millions of users, it is simpler for companies to share product launch messages on Facebook and point users to their shop features.
  • Facebook will attempt to link your company’s customer loyalty to Facebook Shops. This feature might encourage loyal customers.
  • To set up Facebook Shops, you don’t need to spend any money at all to get things started.

How to sell Products in the Facebook marketplace

No need to waste your time pushing products to your website or anything else. Selling on Facebook Marketplace is one of the best ways to promote and manage products on your page.  Follow the procedure below:

  • First, select Marketplace on Facebook.
  • Choose “create new listing” under the “Selling” option at the top.
  • Choose your listing type – vehicles, properties or other products
  • Add a title and price, and select a category.
  • Add photos
  • Finally, publish your Marketplace listing.

Advantage using Facebook Marketplace for selling your product

  • It’s one of the best ways to reach your target customers directly, there’s no better traffic and engagement, and you can sell on any channel that your customers use. Don’t forget that your primary goal is to list products, communicate with buyers, and manage the entire sales cycle.
  • Buyers can use Facebook Marketplace to make purchases directly from you. This helps you give them the needed product data as soon as possible. If you couldn’t afford your time and money to build a  website of your own, Facebook Marketplace is an ideal way to do business because it’s so simple and secure.
  • Facebook Marketplace is becoming a popular venue for small business owners to list their products on an online marketplace. Additionally, they can directly communicate with you, and it helps bring new business to your business by providing brand exposure
  • Facebook does not offer Marketplace sales transaction services. As a result, companies are free to accept any form of payment, including those from Shopify, BigCommerce, PayPal, bank transfers and collect payments in cash.


Facebook offers the easiest way to expand your e-commerce business through Facebook Page Shop and Facebook Marketplace without spending any money. Facebook has a great opportunity to build a wide range of audiences, making it one of the easiest and best ways for new e-commerce businesses to launch their businesses online. And if you are someone who is stumbling to create an e-commerce platform using Facebook, Esearch Advisors Digital Marketing Agency and Institute are here to help. We could help by building an e-commerce platform for Facebook. At the same time, you can also join our digital marketing course and learn how to use social media to grow your business.

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