Facebook Explore Feed

Facebook’s Explore Feed Will Change The Way We Consume Content

The recent update publishers are talking about in Facebook is the ‘Explore Feed’. This update helps you categorize the friends & family time versus the media time. It’s a great boon for marketers to advertise their brand and it is a wise choice for audience to group their priorities. As far now, Facebook doesn’t run ads in the Explore feed and is availed on Desktop. Concerning digital marketers, now your product can reach wider audience than you can think off. Now exploring something on Facebook is not just limited with the ‘you may like’ suggestions from your friends, now you can also view beyond the pages that you don’t know.

Facebook Explore Feed Example

On the desktop, the Explore feed is found on your facebook left-side sidebar, where you’ll also find links to Facebook features like Events, Groups, Pages, Moments, Saved items, and more. This explore update allows you to get cognized with the Pages that you don’t follow, which tends to be a notable advantage for any promoters to boost their organic reach which was once difficult for pages to extend their reach without coughing up advertising dollars. Don’t worry! There won’t be anything that is completely irrelevant; the feed including famous and trending articles, videos, and photos is customized to each person like ‘Top posts for you from across Facebook’ will show up on your feed based on your interest.

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