MBA vs Digital Marketing

Why Learning Digital Marketing is better than doing an MBA?

Future prospects as an MBA (in Digital Marketing) Professional:

Just completed your U.G and planning to do the highly preferred MBA Degree? Your existing stream has bored you and so do you want to do a Masters in Business Administrations to have a progress? Do you think MBA Course will pay you more than your current job? But before going to the solution for all these questions, we shall see some facts and studies to know better about the current situation of pursuing MBA in India.

According to a study conducted in 2016 by ASSOCHAM only few percentage of MBA graduates from top colleges (excluding best performing Business Schools) in India are getting placed. We bet that you will be shocked to know the number of MBA professionals getting placed. The study states that just 7% MBA graduates are employed. Yes!!! Every year around 3.5 Lakh MBA graduates are passing out. Out of which 93% of the MBA graduates are either unemployable or just earn 8,000-10,000 per month

MBA is one of the chosen higher degrees by most of any U.G. graduates. Almost every degree holder can pursue MBA. The rise of learning an MBA degree results in larger supply, where in India if not with additional technical background, MBA professionals are not much preferred by the Industries. Demand is very less and the pay is not so considerable unless and until you get to learn from top B-Schools and Colleges. Reportedly about 250 B-Schools have been closed in the past two years due to dips in the MBA prospects.

Besides, Cost of doing MBA is very huge that typically ranges from 3-5 lakhs on average. But when it comes to top B-Schools, the Course fee extends up to Lakhs in Double Digits. Or else, the consequence could be that you may come under the rest 93% unemployable category if not chosen wisely. But many after completing the 2 years Course consider that it’s not a worthwhile investment.

Are you unclear with an idea of doing MBA? What can be the other best option other than MBA? The apt solution considering the scopes of Digital Age is nothing other than Digital Marketing!

Future Prospects as a Digital Marketer:

As you know well, the world around you is continuously growing to Digital. Every Business requires a Strong Online presence to make known their brands worldwide. Thus Digital Marketers are in a greater need and many recruiters prefer Digital Marketing profiles for their companies to do business as per the modern times. This demand for Digital Marketers is a great boost for Job seekers since almost 4 Lakhs Digital Marketing Jobs are available in India, and another happy news is that, on holding a Digital Marketing Certification, Freshers can earn from 15,000 – 20,000rs per month as a Digital Marketers.

Job Opportunities for Digital Marketers in 2016, 2017, Now and beyond:

In 2015, there were 350 million internet users across India, but whereas it is expected to double about 730 million in the year 2020. It is observed that 38% of Companies spend about 1/3rd of their budget in Digital Marketing. Internet usage is massively increasing everyday than what we have ever imagined, and so Digital Marketing attracts the entire businesses in the world and soon will be leaving no industry to drop out of its trend.

Did you know! 38% of the companies spend on Digital Promotions for marketing

For the past two years growth in Digital Marketing is witnessed an absolute progress which in turn have sprouted to too many Career Opportunities in different Streams. As mentioned early, there are 4 Lakh Digital Marketing Jobs available in India. Especially in Tamil Nadu about 15000+ Jobs are offered, Principally in Chennai and Coimbatore. Digital Marketing is an active field which will be an Ever Dynamic Field in Future too with lots of Scopes and Benefits for Now and Beyond.

Why Learning Digital Marketing can be Preferred over MBA in Digital Marketing?

MBA in digital Marketing gives just the general concept of Digital Marketing for Business, whereas Digital Marketing training gives you the entire Digital Marketing skills and Strategies that the world adopts and helps you perform the widely and newly adopted methods.

We are already at the verge of a competitive world to develop new skills every day to survive the ever growing digital age. To help this, Digital Marketing lets you learn something new and knowledgeable every day, where you can enhance your abilities, creativeness and talents in every stream and in what you do.  This benefit you to clear the Skill Gap that the conventional marketing courses fail to educate us. Besides, you need not just stick to the same routine work; rather you get to work in trendy jobs with evolving updates. Of Course you stand pretty unique from the crowd than being in a usual and routine profession.

MBA requires a time of your 2 years to complete the degree. While, Our Digital Marketing Certification just takes a month to get certified and there are short term courses too. This means you can save your time and start earning soon as well. Besides, Cost of doing MBA is skyrocketed over the past few years and charges high to get graduated. It is quiet not possible for everyone to learn in Big B-Business Schools to get high payable jobs. Even if done, it costs too much to afford it though, but investing for a worthwhile Digital Marketing training is a very useful and an affordable choice to build a promising career and costs very less compared to MBA. Also, Digital Marketing Certification builds and enhances your resume that helps you to get lucrative and next hot jobs in market.

Did you know! Many employers choose Digital Marketing profiles for their business

That’s a Cheerful information yet again! With no specific qualification, Jobseekers can get fit into a beneficial Job within a Field that is with number of Career Opportunities. So the chance of Digital Marketers getting employed is comparatively higher.

Here is an insightful video showing why MBA Graduates need Digital Marketing skills and strategies to excel in their career.

In Video: Mr. Deepak (MBA Graduate), who has pursued Diploma in Digital Marketing course in our Institute.

By now, you might have understood that Digital Marketing will be a big turnover for many who are looking to have a productive growth in career. Visit ESearch Advisors to know more about the Career Growth and Digital Marketing Course Details. ESearch Advisors love to help you and your career!

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