Importance of Live Streaming Videos

Importance of Social Media Live Streaming and Tips to improve it

Whether it is your favorite IPL match or your beloved Singer’s Concert, a movie’s audio introduction or an awaited launch of your desired mobile, we all would love to watch it in Live rather than watching it later. No matter how perfectly it is edited, the excitement of watching as Live video Streaming doesn’t match anything! It will have a great impact on us, urging us to click them first! So why these Live streaming  videos are going Viral? Let us take a look at the importance of Video Streaming for now and in the future and few essential tips to use it completely.

Digital Marketers should always be aware of what’s new and innovative in Marketing. One such trending promotion that is going viral is Live Video Streaming. If you think Video Marketing is an important strategy, then with no doubt you will be inspired with Live Video Streaming at several social platforms. In fact, by now you should have put out several Live Videos about your brand or product, because 81% of internet and mobile audiences watched more live video in 2016 than in 2015. This means that Live video is getting trendier exponentially.

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If image can depict a concept better than thousand words, then why can’t a video do more than that? Especially Live videos. Thus to attract and draw the users to you, broadcasting Live Videos is one of an effective way to keep people busy thinking about you and your product.

Why to wait then? Just Go for a Live Streaming now. But before that you have to be aware of when to each platform. So here are the top most desired Social Platforms for Live Video Streaming,

Facebook Live Streaming:

Facebook as the world’s most desirable social platform, yet again yields users in Live video Stream too. People tend to prefer Facebook Live as the most wanted platform for live video Streaming. One such great advantage of Facebook live is that you can create different contents for each targeted group. So marketers, you can promote in a way you like to attract the individual groups that attracts the larger audiences overall than any other social platforms.

Your friends and your followers on Facebook receive notifications that you are alive on Facebook. Even if someone misses out, the live videos don’t expire. So this will get to reach them quickly and people start reacting, commenting and so on for your every live video. This helps you to view the number of people watches, comments, reacts and shares. Besides, once after the broadcast period gets over, just like your usual video, they get in to Facebook Profile.

Now let’s see few Facebook specifics about Live Video,

  • Facebook states that Live Videos is the best way for users to communicate with the viewers in the real time.
  • People spend 3x longer watching live video(on Facebook) compared to non-live video”. So don’t miss out Live video promotions to brand your product
  • Over 8 billion video views are recorded everyday for Facebook Live Videos. Yes! That’s 8 BILLION!

Let us see few tips for using Facebook Live:

  1. Make a strong promotion before you broadcast Live video.
  2. Have a strong network connection and a camera with better clarity for effective outcomes
  3. Change your privacy settings to public. So this helps marketers to reach number of people than they think
  4. Write an appealing description that interests the audience to watch your live stream
  5. Of Course you have to be innovative to attract many
  6. Create alertness to your users to follow, get notifications for the Live video
  7. Remember there are 1.65 billion Facebook users. So Analyze and Broadcast your live streams in the best time for a better reach.
  8. Promote your Live Videos for a longer time to so that your audiences will not miss out.

Did you know! Live Videos can best work out from 1PM to 3PM where usually people take breaks at work hours; else it can best reach from 6 to 9 PM. Plan to broadcast accordingly.

Twitter Live and Periscope:

Periscope is one of the primary platforms to deliver Live stream videos which is twitter’s Live Streaming app. Twitter had owned Periscope in the late last year which get the hold of eyes of the marketers and consumers as well, where the users can get engaged in both the platforms. It is best used for broadcasting short and instant videos that increases the audience and conversion rates. Generally just like Facebook, your live video stays in your timeline as tweets. Your live videos will get to remain in timeline as recorded videos once after the session gets over. Imagine, there are about 200 million live videos are getting aired each day. There are 10+ million registered users for periscope which includes 2 million active users. So presenting your brand online and lively is made easier in twitter.

Did you know! More than 22 percent US internet users are interested to use periscope. Next to Facebook soon this is expected to strike among Indians too to actively go Live streaming in periscope. So this illustrates how users are interested to upload and watch the live video streaming in both these platforms.

Do you want to do a live streaming? Then let’s just see how we can do it in Twitter,

  1. Click on the Compose icon
  2. Then go for the Live icon
  3. As that of Facebook, give a catchy description for your live Stream
  4. Hit the Go Live
  5. To effectively broadcast it, use the apt camera tools and ambience.

One advantage here is that though you don’t have a Periscope account, your twitter broadcasts are available in the periscope too. So your audiences can determine you in both twitter and periscope which increases your brand awareness simultaneously in both the platforms.

Instagram Live Video:

Next to Facebook, Instagram is the most favorite platform that people choose to upload the story which is more similar to Snapchat. There are about 100 million people who use Instagram daily. So it is beneficial to use Instagram Live when your fan base or followers are more in Instagram than on Facebook. But the specialty of Instagram apart from Facebook and twitter is that the Live gets disappeared when we view it. This stirs up the curiosity for the viewers to view the videos at the earliest. So this unique feature of Instagram may limit the number of views it makes your audience see the live studio in time.

You can start the Instagram Live video by just tapping the camera option in the app and then hit Live to go live. Then just start broadcasting with good settings around for an effective video. Just like Facebook and Twitter your followers will get to know if you are live to start sharing, reacting , commenting and interacting. With Instagram Live Streaming you can boost brand awareness and traffic in an awesome way within that short time.

YouTube Live Streaming:

Did you know! According to the MarketsandMarkets report, it is estimated that in 2021 video streaming will worth around $70 billion. By March 2017, there are about 75000 active live streamers. Isn’t it already late to promote your brand in YouTube Live? With no delay, start to work for it. We all prefer  mobile to desktop. So let’s see how YouTube Live streaming can be done in Mobile.

To Live stream quickly, YouTube Live on Mobile is the apt choice and are as simple as that of other platforms mentioned above. Just click on the camera button and then tap Live to Broadcast. Then give a good thumbnail for your video, an attractive caption and set your privacy settings as you require. You can go live provided that you should have minimum of 100 subscribers in YouTube. Else there will not be a Live option for minimum number of subscribers. Thus maintain a good and considerable number of subscribers in YouTube to effectively go live.

If YouTube is the Second widely used website after Google, why can’t you attract loads of people with your Live videos in this platform? It’s an Obvious Yes only if you are aware of how to use YouTube effectively to be a Successful YouTuber. By this YouTube Live videos your marketing can be made easy and beneficial.

In Overall, all these Live Streaming Video from various social platforms help the marketers in the following ways,

  • They are Cost Effective comparatively than the other promotion strategies
  • Your brands get to engage more people in the short time
  • Offers an interactive session to directly communicate to your audience in the real time which increases the trust and credibility of who you are, what you do and about your products
  • The audience converse with each other and exchanges thoughts on your product/service which increase the integrity about your brand
  • Increases brand awareness and boosts traffic to your sites
  • Your product can reach a greater number of target audiences as your word-of mouth marketing strategy in live can draw many leads. So the Conversion is much more possible here
  • Your real time engagement with the target audience improves the conversion rate from audience to users
  • Once the viewers are attracted by your live video, chances are that you get more traffic to your websites.

To conclude, no matter what the platform is, they all involve a minimal requirement for an effective Live video streaming. Make an appropriate analysis of which platform you are going to broadcast to hit the right audience. Now all you need to do is just pick up your cameras or your mobile with a considerable clarity, set a good ambience around, ensure a better network connection and start your demo live streaming. You will be astonished to know the favorable outcomes that a Live Video Streaming can do to you/your brand in each social platform.

Hope you are getting ready for a Live Streaming now! For more updates and Information on Digital Marketing, do subscribe to our E Search Advisors Blog.

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