Top 8 Certification Courses

Top 8 Certification Courses that elevates your Career with New-Age Skills

Choosing the right career oriented certification course is the most crucial decision to make in life. Especially for the students, as the advancement in technologies is growing in rapid pace. Likewise, in this digital era, obtaining a degree may not be enough, as the job market demands certain skills and knowledge that are beyond the degree course.

But at the same time, there are some certification courses which gives wide range of career opportunity that doesn’t seek for any specific stream to enhance his/her knowledge and skills.

So, it’s very important to know and analyse your interest in which field you want to go with. Let us have a look at the Top 8 Popular Certification Courses in India to understand the availability of various career options in a better way

1. Animation Certification 

Certification in Animation is a short-term specialization course which can be pursued after class 10th or 12th (depending on the institute).

With the advancement in technology, the entire multimedia and entertainment industry has seen tremendous growth and it is expected to develop even more over in the coming years.

      Certification in Animation

Now advanced level animation software is used which brings visual effects to feel and experience more realistic. This in turn, shows that the demand for skilled and creative animation professionals will always stay-in-trend till the existence of big giants like Prana Studios, Colors, Hindustan Times, etc.

Job opportunities for animators and related professionals like graphic designer, multimedia developer, game developer, character designers, key frame animators, 3D modelers, layout artists, etc. exists in following sectors such as

  • Online and Print News Media

  • Advertising

  • E-learning

  • Film & Television

  • Cartoon production

  • Theater

  • Video Gaming

According to PayScale Report, the average salary is listed below for various roles in the field of animation

Job Designations and Salaries

  • Animator – ₹ 3,60,000

  • Graphic Artist/Designer – ₹ 3,07,591

  • Marketing Coordinator – ₹ 3,03,829

  • Film/Video Editor – ₹ 3,13,709

  • Art Director – ₹ 7,09,181


2. Mobile application Certification

Certification in mobile application lets you learn how to create and   develop multithreaded code of complex operations.

The training covers   software testing fundamentals, types of mobile applications, testing  strategies, types of testing in mobile application, etc. 

    Mobile application Certification

Today almost all industry using user friendly apps to target their niche audience for promoting their brand to generate more leads and sales.

With the increase in use of android mobile users and Apple’s iOS users, the demand for mobile application developers is growing rapidly. Today mobile application developers changing the way how we communicate, do business, and access other digital Medias.

This in turn, created a huge demand for mobile application developer. According to PayScale Report, the average salary is listed below with various roles

Job Designations and Salaries

  • Mobile Applications Developer – ₹ 4,33,725

  • Android Software Developer – ₹ 3 ,58,375

  • iPhone/iOS Application Developer – ₹ 3,88,952


3. Digital Marketing Certification

Certification in Digital Marketing lets you learn how to promote a business brand online (product or service) using internet marketing strategies and techniques.

This training covers how to run and manage Social Networking Sites (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), Google Ad Campaigns, Google Analytics tools, Search Engine Algorithms, Content Marketing (Image, Video, Infographics, Email, SMS, etc.), Affiliate Marketing, etc.

   Digital Marketing Certification

With the consistent growth in digital media and technologies, digital marketing industry has seen tremendous growth.

From Startups to top MNC’s, adopting digital marketing platform to create their strong brand presence over web. So companies are looking for more certified and skilled digital marketers to enhance their business. This in turn, has created ample of job opportunities for certified digital marketers.

This course is suitable for students, graduates, jobseekers, business professionals/marketers, homemakers, etc.
According to PayScale Report, the average salary is listed below for various roles in the field of mobile application

Job Designations and Salaries

  • Digital Marketing Manager – ₹ 5,19,473

  • SEO Manager – ₹ 5,09,090

  • SEM / PPC Expert – ₹ 2,81,172

  • Content Writer – ₹ 2,90,884


4. Beauty Hair Dressing Certification

Certification in Beauty & Hair Dressing lets you learn about good understanding on skin biology and anatomy, both practical and theoretically from the scratch.

This certification equips you with the knowledge of offering how to make use of non-medical care and relaxation treatments according to the client’s needs and preferences.


With the on-going trend, people are more conscious towards their appearance and spending money for various beauty treatments such as facial, manicure, pedicure, hair removal, hair styling, etc.This in turn, shows that the demand for beauticians/beauty therapists is in high rise.

Also, if you are someone who takes a keen interest in making people look their best then a career as a beautician may be apt for you.

Employment Scopes

   • Beauty Salons and Spas

   • TV and film industry

   • Modelling agencies

   • Self-employment

Job Designations and Salaries

  • Beautician – ₹ 2,08,353

  • Hairdresser/Hairstylist – ₹ 4,00,000

  • Makeup Artist – ₹ 4,88,577


5. Ethical Hacking Certification

Certification in Ethical Hacking lets you learn about white hat hacking techniques to safeguard the company’s IT system.

  Ethical Hacking Certification

Everything now is becoming digitize by switching from paperwork. So along with developing various software, companies are giving equal importance to security.

With the rise of digital transformation, cyber security has become a major issue and hence, more and more companies are hiring specialists in ethical hacking to protect their data from cyber criminals.

Cyber attacks have doubled year over year and Indian businesses and government sites have become more vulnerable. This in turn, creates innumerable job opportunities for ethical hacking profession.

Job Designations and Salaries

  • Ethical Hacker – ₹ 5,70,000

  • Network Security System Administrator/Manager – ₹ 5,84,369

  • Data security specialist – ₹ 9,31,148


6. Fashion Designing Certification

Certification in Fashion Designing lets you learn to understand the relation between the visual language of dress, individuals, and culture.

You will also learn how to contextualize fashion design in daily life from multiple perspectives. This Certification equips you with the knowledge of how fashion industry actually works and how to create a perfect pattern from basics to advanced level.

     Fashion Designing Certification

With so many creative styles and outfits, the fashion industry stands out among the most lucrative business across worldwide. People are more conscious about their outfits and thrives to move on with on-going lifestyle and trend.

This in turn, creates innumerable job opportunities for fashion designers to mark a place for their creativity and can run their own boutique independently by making massive income.

Job opportunities in Fashion Designing and related professionals such as Costume Designer, Fashion Assistant, Fashion Show Organiser, Fashion Coordinator, Fashion Consultant, Assistant Designer, Stylist, Designer, etc.

Employment Scopes:

  • Colleges & Universities

  • Television & Film Industry

  • Fashion Media Companies

  • Self-Employment

Job Designations and Salaries

  • Fashion designer/ marketer – ₹ 2,29,416

  • Retail/ Visual merchandiser – ₹ 4,67,453

  • Fashion Quality controller – ₹ 2,05,692

  • Fashion Stylist – ₹415487


7. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Certification

Certification in Artificial Intelligence lets you learn how smart machines are programmed to think like human and mimic their actions.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)
With the advancement in automated technology, Artificial Intelligence is in emerging trend and became an essential part of our day-to-day life activities.

Also with innovation of smart applications like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, that performs requested tasks at our bidding, humanoid robots, self-driving cars, are some of the tech developments in AI.

The implementation of AI technology has also seen drastic seen in film industry with introduction of science fiction movies which gives the viewers a realistic experience.

This in turn, shows that the need of AI plays an significant role in all business sectors and our near future is dependent on this platform. So, companies are looking for more Certified AI developers to build, test, and maintain a platform that easily converts the APIs (application program interface) models. Thus, AI is expected to pave the way for 2.3 million job opportunities by 2020.

This Course is suitable for web developers, programmers and graduates who wants to excel in their chosen areas.

It is also well suited for those who are already working and would like to take Artificial Intelligence certification for further career progression.

Job Designations and Salaries

   • Machine Learning Engineer – ₹ 8,60,712

   • Data Scientist – ₹ 7,08,012

   • Business Intelligence Developer – ₹ 7,73,817

   • Big Data Engineer/Architect – ₹ 1,907,013


8. Cloud Computing Certification

Certification in Cloud Computing lets you to learn in-depth knowledge of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Services in Networking, Storage, Databases, Containers, Virtual Machines, App Engine, Security, etc.   

      cloud computing

Due to rapid growth of computing resources over the past years, cloud computing has been treated as a prominent research and new solution in the IT field.

Now all size of business are migrating to this technology for so many reasons for securing data. This in turn, the demand for skilled cloud professionals is huge and it is the foremost thing for a company who has sound knowledge about the cloud technology.

Job Designations and Salaries

  • Solutions Architect – ₹ 1,709,785

  • Software Engineer – ₹ 2,41,308

  • Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer – ₹ 6,66,232

We hope that the above top 8 certification courses provides a glimpse in choosing the right career option. Apart from this, if there is any other effective certification courses you can let us know through your valuable comments.

Team ESearch Advisors, wishes you tons of Good Luck wishes in whatever career option you choose.

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