Digital Marketers vs (Artificial Intelligence) AI

Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) Take Over the Jobs of Digital Marketers?


I am sure you wouldn’t have missed Sophia’, the most recent and sensational humanoid robot! Sophia, a very smart bot operates through AI (Artificial Intelligence) and intended to help humans to lead a better life. So will there be more Sophia trying to ease human work and workforces? Or will there be more Sophia who will take over your Jobs? So, do more bots will replace your Digital Marketing Work? Let us see now!

Artificial intelligence (also known as machine intelligence) is the intellect fed to the machines by which they operate as that of humans in order to perform tasks with human’s natural intelligence.

Digital Marketing though deals and runs on the Internet and involves other Digital technologies, the entire concepts of digital marketing cannot be replaced by the Artificial Intelligence (AI). Any Artificial Intelligence cannot match the human intellect and mindset to carry out any job and so do the inventive marketing job.

Nowadays there are many marketing automation tools used worldwide to carryout marketing strategies like shooting bulk mails, providing information like marketing fundamentals, market trends and insights, etc. in order to ease the work as well as to reduce the workforces. So do you think these automations and artificial intelligence will replace humans? Not exactly!

Digital Marketing is a field that deals more about emotions from both the ends of businesses, and has to be creative and innovative; and not as Traditional Marketing where people can just lend their ears or a sight. In Digital Marketing, Brands make an impact through the emotions; brands interact to the customers; which in turn, the success reflects in the business. Call it a text content, image, videos or an ad, in-spite of any promotional method; Digital Marketing requires more detailed information and ground-breaking skills which cannot be achieved by bots. Not just being creative, there are other major skills of our daily practicality, which any robot cannot interpret the feel of a human. Machines do what you teach them to do, but to a certain level.

No Artificial Intelligence (AI) will ever trump a Digital Marketers creative thinking, ability to look into the situation beyond the obvious outcome and passion

Also, few jobs of SEO, PPC, SMO and other definite jobs can be done by the machine itself. However, human’s creative thinking, inventive skills and knowledge are beyond what we could imagine, but robots aren’t!  Bots may think in different aspects, perform faster, and operate from what we have fed them, but it is not possible to be very creative and imaginative as humans always do.

As you know, digital marketer should produce interesting and exciting posts often, create innovative campaigns, accomplish different jobs in order to interest and draw people closer to their brand (products/services). But do you think bots can do it as that of humans??? May be yes and May be Not; perhaps often as in a programmed way but not very stirringly as that of us.

We know how these technologies have made our work easier, ourselves cooler and our work convenient! Of Course AI (Artificial Intelligence) helps businesses to progress and reach next level with their abundance supply of market information, etc.  But there are certain criteria in marketing which can be met only by Humans-our Knowledge and our thought process. Definitely! Humans can never be replaced by the Artificial Intelligence! AI substitutes man in doing few Digital Marketing mechanisms and may seize few Digital Marketers in the long run like really years and years, but as of now, AI can never take the place of humans! After all we created AI and we fully control them but not vice versa. So don’t worry!! It takes really ages for Terminators to wander one among us and Skynets to rule us!! Till then enjoy your role!!!

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